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Blarney to Bastille: A Kiwi on Cobblestones

Tag along with me on my big OE! Blarney to Bastille is my story of a five weeks of fabulous in Ireland, London and Europe with my husband/best travel buddy. With drama, sarcastic humour, honesty, facing fears and phobias as we explored and discovered slices of heaven and hell. Available now on Amazon.

About the book:
When a story with castles and cobbled roads left a huge impression on seven-year-old Fleur, right through her childhood, and for 40 adult years, she wanted to see them for herself. In her 60th year, she and her husband Kevin took that trip of a lifetime. Fleur saw more castles and cobbled roads than she could shake a stick at while experiencing life in Ireland, London and parts of Europe. She faced her fears and steep cultural learning curves. This is Fleur’s story of her O E (Overseas Experience) … 40 years late. Tag along with her on long flights, bus tours, river cruises, gondolas, time differences, spectacular scenery, incredible history and so much more. Laced with drama and intrepid moments, all with a dash of sarcastic humour and a lot of fun. Buckle up for her holiday of a lifetime.

Amazon Reviews
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 July 2020

These friendly travellers visited our small town of Rye in East Sussex England in June last year, wandering in the cobbled medieval Citadel it was a pleasure to meet them. The joy they experienced in the architectural beauty of medieval buildings and outstanding natural landscape was almost palpable. This has been clearly captured and expressed in chapter 42 A Pocket Full of Rye in this lovely little book.

Reviewed in the United States on 10 June 2020

With Covid19 still front and center , travel, especially by air has been put on the back burner by many, myself included. In the meantime we can travel vicariously through the eyes, heart and soul of Fleur Lind as she embarks on her long awaited trip of a lifetime through Ireland, London, Europe and Singapore. Her near five weeks of adventures were viewed with such excitement and joy that those feelings were contagious. Who can’t use a little joy right now? I am not much of a beer drinker, especially the darker brews but her new found love of Guinness has convinced me that if I ever make it to the Emerald Isle, a real Guinness will be the first thing checked off my to do list. Her descriptions of the people, places, the food and the lodgings puts the reader right in the middle of it all ; both the great and the very rare not so great. If you can’t travel right now but you have some wanderlust that needs attention get a copy of Blarney To Bastille A Kiwi on Cobblestones and be a Kiwi for a spell. It will be fun, but wear comfortable shoes , cobblestones after all.

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Published by Mason Bushell

Mason Bushell, is chef, author and wildlife photographer. He loves spending time exploring the woods and countryside with his dog and camera in tow. Lucy dog has been known to steal his laptop to force him to go walkies too! He loves to write just about anything and hopes you like his tales. All spelling, grammar and punctuation errors on this website are not mistakes they're intentional, (As I couldn't bloody find them while editing!) Feel free to contact and find Mason Bushell here: All Stories, poems, photos and pieces on the site are copyrighted to Mason Bushell or the original owner as stated (c)2018-2020

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