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Cash with Class

I used the following prompt for this story : FOWC with Fandango – Deteriorate

This narrative is spoken from the heart, taking you back to a time of unrushed retail therapy.

Cash with Class

My world is flavoursomely old-fashioned.  My owner doesn’t want or need today’s modern bells and whistles to earn his crust.

And we earn a mighty fine crust.  Crispy and white, sweet and tasty, Pavlosky’s Pavlova Palace has been dishing up the best fare for over 50 years.  We believe in tradition and good old-fashioned values.  That’s what you get when you walk through our door.  The bell over the door will ring and after you have drooled over the displays – figuratively of course, your eyes wide with sweet wonder, having chosen a slice of something nice, you make your way for the counter. 

There I sit, ‘holding up the bar’ in all my classic glory.  I come from a long line of quality, made-to-last engineering.  My body is shiny, my keys poised ready to press in your purchase.  My draw is loaded and ready to issue change.

I am an antique cash register, and I love my job.

I am old-school.  There’s nothing ‘touch screen’ about me, my generation is pre-digital.

 I am finely tuned and have a particular set of skills.  Apart from my class and breeding, I am also an educator in the fine art and rapidly diminishing practice of ‘thinking’.   I am designed to not tell you what change to give, you work it out yourself.

Papa P’s granddaughter enjoys working for us and practices her maths skills when she gives change.  Papa P says she doesn’t have to do her homework when she is working in the shop.  It’s good to know she gets straight As for her business skills.

On the quiet days, they clean behind my glass window, giving a clear view to the purchase price, or a polish over my keys.  I look forward to these dutiful deeds.  Age will not weary me; they make sure my elegant style and mechanisms do not deteriorate.

When I go for my regular check-up and service, I see the younger, more modern registers lined up with forlorn faces, their wires crossed, and microchips overcooked.  Their touch-screens are cracked or they are just feeling overheated and run down.  That’s a result of their fast-paced world, and they are welcome to it!

They look at me with mixed expressions.  Some smile respectfully, others are smug or scornful to see the old timer in the queue; they think they know it all. Their technology is designed to make the customers experience faster, and they make a lot of noise and spit out a lot of paper receipts.   

 I am a register of simple but effective means. A smooth, gentle ‘ka-ching’ sounds at the press of my keys. My ‘easy-on-the-ear’ bell rings as my draw opens.  I don’t make much noise, and that’s good for the customers.  Less interruption equals more banter with Papa P as he attends to your purchase. 

 Our customers leave with smiles on their faces, knowing they have stepped back into a world where the only rush they will experience is in the sugar from the best pav in town.

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Copyright Fleur Lind © 2021


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