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Dirty Talk

When three friends escape to the wilderness for the weekend, who would have known a full tank would change their lives?

RDP Friday – Accountability

Dirty Talk

Jacob was a tall slim young man who could eat everything on his plate and go back for seconds and possibly thirds, and never put on a gram of weight.  His mother and grandmother said, “you can’t fatten thoroughbreds” and his workmates at Grease Monkey Mechanical would teasingly say he had worms.  He saw true value in a buffet meal where he could return to the menu selection and pile his plate numerous times without getting disapproving glances from the waiting staff.  He had paid for his meal at the reception, so every serving from the carvery, salad, seafood, and vegetable bar was justified with accountability.

Jacob was a very likable fellow and got on with just about everyone except those who talked too fast.  He had no tolerance for impatient chatter as he could not understand them, and this was problematic for smooth communication.  He far preferred clear conversation as it helped significantly in diagnosing mechanical problems.  If people were not in such a hurry, how much better everything would be, Jacob thought.

 ‘Grease Monkey Mechanical’ was a busy one-stop shop for many mechanical problems. From small easy jobs to a complex concern that would involve in-depth analysis and hours of work; Jacob, Tim, Brent, and Peter had it covered.   They were diligent workers, Peter being a fatherly figure. 

Jacob, Tim and Brent were single, and with a passion for cars and the great outdoors, they looked forward to their escape plan on the weekend when they would often go off-road in search of adventure.

They would venture along stony or dirt tracks for hiking, fishing at the lake, or just messing about in the dirt and dust.  Jacob’s van was large and accommodated the three men with extra room for the all-important Eski of cold refreshments and tinned food.  Their weekends were carefree as they enjoyed their outdoor pursuits. 

With their leisure time in a harmonious groove, it was a crushing blow to Tim and Brent when Murphy’s Law reared its unwanted head. Murphy teamed up with Cupid and unexpectedly bought Monica into Jacob’s life. 

It happened one Saturday as they pulled into a bay at the petrol station on the outskirts of town. After filling the tank and feeling peckish, Jacob needed to calm his rumbling hunger with a serving of hot ships from the store. He was used to staffing changes there as rosters changed, but nothing could have prepared him for her blue eyes and beautiful smile when Monica gave him his change.  The name tag was there on her work shirt, and the writing was on the wall.  In a heartbeat, his life had changed forever. Their eyes met and several thousand revs charged through his body, his indicators flashed uncontrollably, and his gearstick begged for cruise control.  Monica commented on his van.  After some brief coy, introductory conversation as they were wary of customers behind him in the queue, phone numbers were written down on a paper bag and exchanged.

Monica was also a car enthusiast and loved the great outdoors.  As Brent said, she had great attributes and two single sisters, so she easily melded into the group.  Her sisters were introduced, and one van became a convoy as the group grew to six.

With the women’s touch, the first thing needing attention was the pungent ‘boy smell’ in the vehicles.  It was disgusting. Monica issued ‘Africa’ scented body spray, which they would all use if they knew what was good for them. Jacob would have worn fly spray if it made her happy.

The second ‘fix-it’ was Jacob’s Van.  It was filthy!

Monica made her point by writing a simple message on the rear window:  SINGLE WHITE VAN SEEKS SINGLE YELLOW SPONGE FOR HOT AND SOAPY FUN.  APPLY WITHIN. 

Soon enough, the van was sparkling, and the boys smelled fresh and appealing. Monica and her sisters Emma and Lucy were accepted into the fold.

 And so it was that three grease monkeys and three sisters had many reasons for wanting the weekend to arrive.  A combined baking effort from the girls added a flavoursome touch to the off-road menu.

It was all about life balance, cars, great company, a loaded Eski, and mountain air. Tim and Brent felt quietly thankful Monica’s eyes had locked on Jacob’s.  It was a match made in petrol heaven.

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Copyright Fleur Lind © 2021


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