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Pink Breasted Perfection

RDP Daily Prompt – Soaring

Crouching patiently in a prickly bush for that perfect shot, Adam reaps his reward and a few scratches. Will he take the win and bragging rights?

Pink Breasted Perfection

Adam had been told more times than he could remember, that he had the patience of a saint. He would go way beyond the call of duty to get the perfect shot.  He was a fit man who enjoyed his day job, as much as his regular past times. 

When Friday arrived, he did a courteous salute to the week that was, then as the sun rose the following day, he set about packing a day bag of snacks to go bush to get his shot of the day.  He likened himself to a marksman.  Waiting was what he did with ease, most of the time. 

His wife, however, did not see that same patience when she was in a fashion store, choosing from the racks of new season styles when they were in town together and she was in the moment with a storewide sale.  She adored her husband, who would embrace nature as he fulfilled his pastimes.  That overrode any frustration with his impatience when they went shopping.  She could forgive him when he hopped from one foot to the other, checking his watch, wondering how long she would be.

Anytime now.  Adam’s finger was poised, ready to shoot.  He ignored the cramp that was beginning to niggle in his left calf muscle, giving it the smallest shake so as not to rustle too much and disturb his focus. Crouching among the leafy branches of an overgrown bush, was not the best spot to be for maximum comfort so he had to play his T card. His middle name was Terrance, but T also stood for ‘tenacity’.

And then it happened. His patience had paid off and his expression of steely concentration broke into a soft, warm grin. His finger twitched.  He pressed the shutter on his SLR camera.  Got it.  Perfect. Just what he had been waiting for.  The tiny Pink Robin had landed on a mossy branch and looked to the left. A perfect pose, showing off its pretty pink breast.  He reflected on another photo he had taken of a Wedge-tailed Eagle soaring low in a cloudless sky.  From a tiny Robin to a majestic Eagle, both were stunning creatures, both he had needed an equal measure of skill and patience and offered hope of a win.

Adam carefully uncurled from his crouch, pleased to be separating himself from the rough branches that had been scratching his skin, and with his camera safely on the cord hanging in front of his favourite tee-shirt featuring one of his flock, he stood up and stretched.   The Robin was not concerned with the movement nearby as she continued to preen; her routine was not complete.

He hoped his selection would get the judges’ attention in the ‘Give It Your Best Shot’ Photographic Competition. With his selection of storm clouds, birdlife from the great outdoors, and his own flock of 16 feathered family members, sunsets, and contrasting coastline scenes, he hoped he had nailed a place in the finals. 

Would he seal a win and bring home the trophy and bragging rights? If so, he’d go shopping with Kim, taking a book to read while she took all the time she needed.  A perfect payback for her support!

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Copyright Fleur Lind © 2021


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