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A Virtual Bouquet


I hope you have had a sweet day today on Valentine’s Day, with the one/s you love. I would like to extend a virtual bouquet to thank you for your support so far. It is so uplifting to see so many daily views to my stories. I am very new to posting stories and maintaining a WordPress site, so as I grow and learn on this awesome journey, I want you to know how much I appreciate you returning to this page. My pile of stories is still as big as Ben Hur, and daily I think of new ones to write. So stay tuned, I will keep feeding this site with quirky tales.

The image above is a bouquet of roses made from New Zealand Flax. This bouquet comes from Tamborine Mountain, in SE Queensland. The Scenic Rim is a slice of pure paradise in lush rainforest. A fab place to recharge.

Take care, stay safe, be happy.

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