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Chai & Tai Chi

It’s blog time…..

I ticked another thing off my bucket list last Friday. For years, decades actually, I have been fascinated with Tai Chi. One of my siblings did it for decades, and it looked so relaxing. The slow control required to do the movements correctly, the calm discipline. Wow. So I gave it a go in, the park, run by a local U3A group.

Now I feel part of an elite group. It’s no secret that 60 is the new 50. And 70 is the new 60. And so on. U3A gives passage to get the stripes to try something new, learn something new. And the best thing about being ‘of mature age’ to do this stuff, is that no one cares how old you are or what you look like. The young ones, 30 and below can have their wrinkle-free skin, and ironically some of them are following trends and actually spending a heap on hair do’s and colouring their hair grey. Bless them all, but I’ve got my own!

So, my mantra for today is ‘Just Do It.’ That’s an old marketing slogan from Nike, but it still applies. Of course there are limits, and I have a list of things I won’t do, including skydiving or bungi jumping, but I have done some glass-floor walking in Auckland and London and climbed up steep narrow, claustrophobic staircases in a couple of awesome castles in Ireland. If you feel like a fun read, it’s all in my book, Blarney to Bastille.

Back to Tai Chi…my first-ever session was awesome. I’ll go back. And the Chai I had afterwards was a winning combo.

Look after You, Be Yourself, Be Amazing.

2 thoughts on “Chai & Tai Chi

    1. Thank you so much Susan 🙂 I love my Tai Chi lessons. I’m looking forward to classes resuming in 2 weeks.

      I’m glad you like my photo prompt choices. I’ll keep an eye out for anything interesting this year that will inspire our writers 🙂
      I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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