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In the Name of Vanity

I wrote this story using the following prompt: Mind Lover Misery’s Menagerie – Wordle#230

Bec has recently graduated and finished her apprenticeship. She is ready to make her mark in her industry, and Uncle Stan proud.

In the Name of Vanity

Bec felt proud as punch as she absorbed the news she had passed all her exams with excellence.  After four years of conscientious, hard work, and study as she wrestled with her Dyslexia, she had reached the end.  Her Uncle Stan would be so proud. He had been instrumental in inspiring his tomboy niece to join a long line of plumbers in their clan.  It was a gift of genetics that was bestowed on the new generations coming through, that they had a natural lean towards the watery world of pipes, and all things plumbing.

Bec quickly grew a client base within her region.  She had an infectious smile, a quick wit, and intuitively knew how to get around the curliest of plumbing woes.  From a blocked S-Bend, plugholes that wouldn’t drain, new home plumbing, and the old cranky creaky homes with drainage issues or needing a tubular makeover, she had the skills and the tools to sort the problem.

She checked the mailbox and found the Plumbers Monthly magazine.  That would make for good reading with her coffee. Later, as she flicked through the pages she saw an article about a competition.  As she read, sending in an entry would be the perfect way to make her footprint in the plumbing world. Feeling sure she would have Uncle Stan’s stamp of approval, she was keen to get her creative mind working on innovative ideas for the ‘2021 Best Vanity Top’.

She started to doodle ideas, brainstorming as she scribbled down a plan. She suddenly thought of Uncle Stan.  In moments like these, when two heads were better than one, they would sit down together and work out something brilliant between them.  Those times were sadly long past as her beloved uncle’s once brilliant mind was now a distant memory with the onset of his Dementia.  He occasionally had moments of beautiful clarity and cleverness and those were times Bec held dear.  Other times, they enjoyed the past and his favourite music.

After filling pages in an exercise book with catches and text, the answer was there, as plain as day. “Of course!” she cried with delight, “That’s it!” Her idea was quirky, typical of her outside-the-square thinking.

The closing date for the competition was four weeks away, giving her time to tidy up her entry and give the final touches for a win.

In the time that followed, Reb had a steadily growing workload and client base.  As she fostered a good rapport with her clientele, she told them about the competition. They all wished her well.

As the criteria for the entry included a photo of the vanity top, Bec deployed her many skills and let her creativity run wild.  She would turn a contemporary white vanity top into a masterpiece.  It wouldn’t be exotic or wild, but unquestionably head-turning.  Her design for the overflow hole was revolutionary.

Bec was sent an invitation to the Awards ceremony.  She was feeling hopeful of a place in the finalists, discussing traps for new players in the trade. She mingled with other entrants after the meet and greet, followed by drinks and nibbles. With nerves giving her butterflies, she sat and waited with fellow tradies for the results.

Bac was unaware of the categories until they were outlined prior to the winning entries being announced.  She was filled with euphoria as her name was called to be presented with a sterling silver award for ‘Best in Lateral Thinking’. 

Holding her award and certificate and bursting with pride, she would be visiting Uncle Stan to tell him the good news. She couldn’t wait to show him the photo of her entry, taking full ownership of her bragging rights. 

As a newly graduated plumber, she had stamped her mark. She would send the S-Bend blockages and leaking pipes to the next level.  Laterally speaking, of course!

Thanks for reading

Copyright Fleur Lind © 2021


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