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Run for Your Life!

Jake and Eddie are adding their own fun factor to a local ‘Fun Run’.

FOWC with Fandango – Coach

Jake and Eddie were brothers in arms, always on the lookout for a fun and tasty opportunity.  Jake was the oldest, so by his reckoning, he was the leader.  He likes to think of himself as a life coach or a mentor. They had several siblings to try and rule over but as they were all girls, the boys got shot down when they got too big for their teeth and claws.  The girls would snap their sharp teeth as a warning not to get too smart.

Their home environment was a peaceful, murky one with weeds and greenery giving good coverage as they lay hiding.  When it suited them, they would make their way onto the grassy riverbank and rest, enjoying lazy thoughts and consider their next meal.  They had a ‘code’ to live by; try not to upset the locals, as that would surely mean being evicted from their beloved water hole.

With his nose and eyes barely visible above the water, Jake heard a noise up on the bank. His curiosity mounted, but he stayed low. Two men were banging signs into the ground with a hammer in preparation for a harrier event. He could hear their banter and feel the thud of the hammer as they worked.

The local harrier club was hosting a Fun Run and the circuit passed by a river which they had made their own.  It was their water hole.  One of the workers set a table up to provide cups of water for the thirsty athletes.


Jake worked his alligator grin as his devious mind ran riot with a plan to give the runners more than a water stop.

The next day, Marshalls were placed at different stages of the route to keep runners safe. But there were none placed at the alligator’s water stop.  It was a self-serve.

Jake and Eddie had a plan.  They would slowly and calculatedly move up to the grass verge when they felt the vibration from feet pounding the bitumen.  The girls would follow eventually.  They had to have to right ‘look’, and that took time and a lot of moisturiser with their leathery prehistoric skin.

Jake, Eddie and the girls would have fun frightening them.  If the runners got too close and looked tasty enough in their colourful singlet and shorts, they could be on the menu. Jake salivated as he visualised the calf and thigh muscles glistening with sweat as they ran past the watering hole. And there might be some new ‘personal best’ finishing times, especially with a ‘gator in hot pursuit.  Perhaps there should be a new medal awarded to finishers for surviving a ‘gator encounter.  It would take the Gatorade hydration drinks on the table to a new level.

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