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Placemats & Places

Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Rose – Nice
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Pandemonium

At the time of writing this poem, Covid was in charge and travel was banned.

My placemats are filled with scenes from afar

A holiday of a lifetime I had wished on a star

Our trip happened in the nick of time

Just a few months later we would have been fined.

The pandemonium of lockdown

 No travelling allowed

At least we’ve been there and done that

With the normality of crowds.

Two years ago, we were in Paris

Tarte au Citron, and the sparkling Med

Choux a la crème, macaron and rose champagne

Just a nice memory now, we’re stuck at home instead.

No international travel

Flights are grounded

Who’d have thought this would happen

We’re astounded.

It’s a strange new normal

Sanitiser and masks

Social distancing and check-ins,

And other keep-safe tasks.

I will gaze at my placemats

And dream of my trip away

Of the places we went, the people we met

Special times in those lands far away.

Thanks for reading


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