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The Old General Store

FOWC with Fandango  – Gusto

The heart of the community had drawn its last breath, but it was not over, not by a long shot.

The Old General Store

The old general store
Is derelict no more
When Bill went to fix his drill
And Thelma got knitting needles
Sam down the road, always towing a load
His trailer is full of garden essentials.

The paint on the boards has seen better days
The curtain material has long since frayed
The windows are covered in cobwebs and dust
It’s been years since the owner Albert, earned a crust
The bell on the door has run out of chime
The spiders weave their webs to a different rhyme.

We all remember the good old days
When the till was ringing and there was plenty of hay
But just when we thought those days were gone
There’s new hope for us locals, who were feelin’ forlorn
The word on the street is there’s a new lass in town
She’s Albert’s descendent, and she’s no clown.

She’s got a Business Diploma, and if that’s not enough
With gusto, she’ll take us out of the rough
The drill bits will be back as will Sam’s compost
With new stock to keep the plants safe from frost
Thelma is thrilled, she’ll buy new knitting patterns
Cables and slip stitch, her needles will be clackin’

There’ll be new curtains, no webs on the windows
The paint will be fresh, and new stock lined up in neat rows
We’re all looking forward to opening day
Balloons for the kids, giveaways, streamers, and cake
The old General Store is derelict no longer
Making our community and township stronger.

It’ll bring the tourists, rain, hail, or shine
The visitors will take selfies and post them online
They can buy postcards, fridge magnets, and such
At our flash new General Store, they can stop for lunch.
We’ll be the talk of the region, it’ll go viral,
Our hospitality and service will ensure our survival.

It’s just what we need, what perfect timing,
As there’s a nasty new neighbour and its spread is climbing
It’s a virus and it wants us to think it’s in charge
Not if we all work together, said Mayor Marg
The police and the medics are all over this glitch
But it’s a slippery sucker, it’s being a b**ch.

It’s 2021, and times are changing
Our town is going forward, and old thoughts need rearranging
To keep up with the trends, keep the till ringing
Fuel the community spirit with a positive feeling
The new General Store is open for trade
Take your time, stop a while, for new memories made.

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