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The Band Rotunda

#Writephoto Challenge — Bandstand –  Image by KL Caley

The Band Rotunda

We have a band rotunda at Leslie Park

It’s used for Jazz in July and bored teenagers after dark

The gals from the choir group sing up a storm at Christmas time

And then again at New Year’s with a band and Old lang Syne.

If the weather’s dodgy, if it looks like rain,

The Tai Chi group go there to train

It’s perfect for a gathering, the crochet group use it too

They sit and work their hook through yarn and byo hot brew.

On Market Days, ANZAC Day,

It’s a great place to seek shade

With chairs set up, we can stop a while,

with old and new friends made.

Leslie Park is a focal point for all sorts of occasions

 Near the middle of town, It’s the heart of many attractions

The rotunda keeps the beat with its own historic charm

It’s enjoyed by visitors and local folk from the farm.

Or just to sit and enjoy the park, look out at the view

The rotunda offers it all, to old and new.

The gardens doing their Spring thing, the birds, a gentle breeze

The rotunda is the perfect spot to appreciate all of these.

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