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Fairy Dust

Your Daily Word — Striate
This is the tale of Aurora’s beginnings. A rebel with a cause.

Fairy Dust

An overview…..

In this fast-paced impatient world, we work long hours, digital screens and social media are part of, or are monopolising our lives, and the contrasts in our lifestyles and cultures can be poles apart.  There is the never-ending chase to be the best, most popular, where ‘viral’ is not necessarily a nasty illness. Food is fast and our daily routines are rapid, flashing by like a blur through the window of a fast-moving train.  However, there are places and pockets unseen to the casual observer, where a community has an idyllic pace. 

It isn’t known to most, that this community exists in our daily lives yet it is happening right under our noses – and it is vast. There are clusters all over the world, living harmoniously despite the massive job they do.

There is no discrimination or racism despite their many colours.  They consistently do good every day, without judgement, hesitation, or debate.  They never question what benefits their good work might bring them, they simply and diligently get on with the job.  They work for the common good, alongside the universal force of Nature.  Size doesn’t matter for these creatures, big isn’t better, but they pack a massive punch with their contribution to our world.  They are always alert to danger, as they are fragile. They have fears, but to keep a balance they also strive to be brave and strong; these qualities are a necessity in their job description. 

As with any democratic society, they have leaders who work stealthily to uphold their values, guiding and supporting their groups.  The fairies’ nature and characteristics are all individuals which make for a strengthened understanding. After all, if everyone were the same, how dull would that be?  The fairy community does not encourage dull behaviour.

They are tiny creatures who spread much joy and happiness with their fairy dust and may even leave a shiny coin or two in a dish next to a recently pulled baby tooth. Fairies are found in abundance at the bottom of the garden, helping all the beautiful flora to grow and flourish.  They are very shy, so it is extremely rare that we see one of these sparkly creatures with the naked eye…

As with most communities, it takes all sorts to make the wheel in the water feature go around.  Most fairies are of a happy disposition, wear colourful clothes, and their joy is endless.  And with their joy brings a bottomless pouch of fairy dust, to sprinkle where it is needed, thus keeping smiles on faces, and making their contribution to a happier world.

But... there are also the fairies who like to buck tradition and trends.  One such fairy is Aurora.  To say she has a bad attitude would be a bit harsh, but she is one to swim against the current and go against the grain.  From her early years, at mealtime when served her fairy bread, she would wait until her mother’s striate wings were turned, then she would smother those multi-coloured pretty hundreds and thousands with dark brown Nutella.  Aurora didn’t do pretty.  She stood out in the crowd wearing dull colours – shades of brown, grey and sombre black in her fairy ensemble.  Her daisy chain crown was wilted and crooked, and worst of all, she smoked.  She would roll her own dried leaves from the rose garden.  One word summed up Aurora. She was a rebel.

She had een given many lectures from her mother regarding her appearance and attitude.  Aurora was given gentle nudges and subtle reminders to uphold the look and the mantra of the Fairy community, both in their own backyard, and globally.  So, despite her devil-make-care look on life, Aurora still tried half-heartedly, to make a positive difference.  She applied for a job as tooth fairy, replacing Alice who was off work with wing damage.  Alice would be out of action while she mended and had full wing power again. But sadly, and unfortunately, Aurora was reprimanded for leaving too many coins in the dish.  She was so focussed on the faces of the toothless children when they woke to find their fortune, she failed to see any wrongdoing. She became a repeat offender and was dismissed. With so many gummy kids to drop the coins off to, the economy was suffering and at risk of a recession. It was a serious issue forcing the Queen to have words to Aurora’s mother. Her mother was dismayed, her concerns mounting for Aurora’s future. 

“This won’t do at all, Aurora! For goodness sake, reset your thinking, girl!”

“But Mum, this is who I am. I have to be me.” Aurora would say simply, without apology.

Aurora often got in the way of the bee community as well, knocking them off course and spilling her fairy dust on oncoming bees in her flight path, making them sneeze.  This was a bad look for the bees, and the Queen was not amused. 

“Look out, oncoming at 2 oclock!”

“It’s the reckless fairy again, where did she get her licence? The Fairy bread packet?”

“I’m going to sting her if she’s not careful!”

“Now, now, you’ll be in a heap of trouble if you do that, Becky…”

“Does the Queen know about her?”

AaaaaChoooo!! If hay fever wasn’t bad enough, we have to contend with her fairy dust as well!”

The bees had a very important place in the life cycle of plants, so interfering with their pollenating duties was terribly poor form.

All Aurora’s mother could do was hope her daughter turned a corner for the better, away from the dark side, and on to better things.  She prayed for Aurora, willing her to be less of hindrance and far more like the sparkly, positive, shining light she was born to be.

There’s an Aurora is every community, fairy or otherwise, a rebel in every pouch of fairy dust. Best you go carefully next time you’re down the bottom of your garden.

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