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O’Driscoll’s Pistol

That moment when a poem starts to bubble while I’m cooking dinner…

O’Driscoll’s Pistol

When Grandma O’Driscoll found a pistol

In a tin beneath Grandpa’s bed

She went to the larder, didn’t need to look harder

And replaced the biscuit tin taken by Ned.

When the biscuits, slices, and muffins,

Were back in their rightful place

Grandma O’Driscoll took the pistol

And loaded it, just in case.

There were poachers who’d been getting closer

To the chooks, the geese, and the ducks

The girls weren’t happy, making Grandpa snappy

To see them running amok.

Feathers were moulting, they looked revolting

The scene was sad to see

So Grandma O’Driscoll took that pistol

And hid behind a tree.

In the dead of night when the moon was bright

Just a hoot from the owl in the tree

Those poachers arrived, armed with knives

They hadn’t come for scones and tea.

Grandma O’Driscoll raised that pistol

With a calm and steady hand

She pulled the trigger as they stood near the digger

The crack rang out through the land.

The poachers yelped, but nobody helped

Being shot in the butt isn’t nice

But it was just a graze, Grandma intended to faze

Not to kill either once or twice.

Grandpa came out and gave a shout

“Clear off, you bastards”, he cried

Or I’ll get out my shotgun and aim for your butt

You’ll not walk for a month, he lied.

The poachers took off like a rocket, knives in their pocket

“The show’s over, we’d better run!”

They never came back, after that crack

From Grandpa O’Driscoll’s gun.

The pistol had delivered justice once more

After years in the biscuit tin

“That gun saved our lives in the war, you know”

He said full of pride, rememberin’.

“Well, poachers be gone! It’s time for a brew.”

Grandma O’Driscoll took Ned’s hand

She had stood up to the mongrels, without any frills

In her old coat, with pride for their land.

The tea was hot, the biscuits were fresh

The tin now stored the baking instead

And Grandma O’Driscoll returned that pistol

Wrapped in a towel, and put it back under the bed.

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