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Odd Socks

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle —Wistful – Bend – Myriad – Paint –  Falter –  Green –  lively –  triumph –  marked – lift

Poppa Don had a list as long as your arm of his favourite things.  If he were to be wistful and launch into a verse or two of the legendary song by Julie Andrews, he’d have to sing twice as many verses to cover the myriad of things he considered his favourites.

One of those favourite things was time spent with his great-grandson, Dan.  His wife Elsie said he wasn’t supposed to have favourites, but Don who tried not to falter was happy to bend that rule. He thought Dan was close to being one.  Dan was the only child of his oldest Granddaughter, Erin.

Dan had called around one warm afternoon after a day packed with exams at high school to see his beloved ‘old’s’, check on Poppa Don’s new fresh green paint job on the verandah, and pick some mandarins from their tree.

Dan had spent a busy day high school, so it was good to chill with Poppa Don. While sitting in the cool shade of the verandah, peeling his 3rd mandarin, Dan asked a big ‘life question’.

“What’s the secret to a long happy marriage, Poppa Don?”

“Cripes, mate! You’re not thinking of getting hitched, are you?  You’re just a boy!”

“Hell no!  It’s my girlfriend.  Her moods change really fast.  I figured you’d know what to do because you and Nanna Elsie are so happy.”

Don was thoughtful as he rubbed his chin with his thumb, “That’s easy.  Think of girls like socks.”

“Uh?  Socks?” Dan squinted with confusion. “Don’t go losing the plot on me, Poppa Don!”

“No, my plots are good.  Socks. Women are like socks. See, it’s like this.  It all depends on which way the wind’s blowing.  Like a windsock.  Over the years you get to read them like a book. Sometimes you bear down for a storm, other times, it’s like there might be a gentle breeze or it’s calm and pleasant.  Easy.”

“Socks,” Dan rolled his eyes and peeled another mandarin, feeling none the wiser.  “Okay then,” he sighed.

“Then there are the odd ones.  Odd socks, I mean.  When the wind’s blowing in opposite directions. It could be a nor’ wester and just to make things more challenging, mix it in with an Easterly They can drive a man to distraction. They’re a bit of work, and no mistake.”

“I think that’s what I’ve got.  She’s just like a pair of odd ones.”

“I’m hearing you, mate.  Stick with it though, the storm will pass. And when it does, take it as a triumph. Take her some mandarins.  That’ll help, for sure.”

“Is that what won over Nanna Elsie?  Your mandarins?”

“Yep, she’s just as sweet, pips and all.”

Dan grinned, and Don smiled his smile. Dan felt a marked improvement in his understanding of women. In a complicated, confusing world, Don and Dan were a force to be reckoned with, regardless of the wind direction.

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