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Patchwork #8

Here are some colourful snippets from the weekend..

Sunset at Base Camp

The sky was very agreeable and went entirely against the grain of the predicted weather pattern for the weekend. Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt was meant to have severe storms and rain, but that didn’t eventuate. This was very good news for humble campers like us. We even got this half-decent sunset of the softest pink and lilac. No bold oranges and reds, but certainly a good sign for the following days.

Hapuka Heaven

That moment when I see pan-fried Hapuka on the Blackboard Special at Omara’s Hotel in Stanthorpe, made my heart sing. I haven’t had Hapuka since I was a kid and my father cooked it to perfection on the BBQ. And that first mouthful, omg. Took me back to those early years.

On a High

These two colourful Buskers had a very tight balancing act. Watching how they swaggered and sauntered along the road like they were just in comfy flats was so impressive. I admire anyone who can strut along with long wooden extensions like these.

The Crazy Sunflower Girls

The music was great from a band doing 70s sounds at the Wine & Food Fest…when two women walked in front of us wearing cool bucket hats with a sunflower design. I smiled and pointed to my head and said, “love your matching hats!”

From that moment on, from their reply, the conversation flowed like we were old friends. These girls have a very interesting story to tell. They love to travel, and they love sunflowers. They have a very tastefully kitted-out van to freedom camp. So for a while we chatted and exchanged stories and experiences, and by the end of it all I could see were beautiful happy sunflowers! 🌻 the girls spread a happy, positive vibe, they bring their travels to life on their Instagram account and have a few thousand followers who are seeking a happy place to go to. Well, I’ve joined the followers too and I want a sunflower bucket hat now 🌻

And a catch up on the sextuplets…they are now a party of eight!! Octuplets! They are all doing well and pushing up past the mother leaf. Pretty cool huh! I’m known to kill off these plants with over-watering…

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