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Patchwork #10

I’ve got a colourful bit of patchwork today…

St. Patrick’s Day

Another green-themed day has been and gone for another year, but what a day and night!

We went to O’Malley’s Irish Pub for lunch. There wasn’t much of a green influence out on the streets or in cafes, but it was another story entirely in O’Malley’s. We had a superb lunch with Guinness and were thrilled with the live music and dancing that went on until 4pm. I was so full from my Cottage Pie, I could barely move so I was happy to watch the fancy footwork of the dancers.

We went back to base camp and rested until 6pm when we went back to listen to another band and watch more skillful dancing. A different band played and their repertoire was varied which got everyone up to dance and sing along. Young and not so young – one lady proudly stated it was her 90th birthday – were carving up the floor. My word, the birthday girl knew some move-! She was tall and elegant, wearing a long-fitting dress, sequined headband with a large green feather attached and she danced like a pro. She wasn’t at all puffed with the fast songs, keeping up effortlessly. She dragged up all the men from her table to dance. I was in awe!

So it was a day of fun, bringing back many memories of our short holiday in Ireland in 2019. We snuck into to Ireland just before Covid started.

if you would like to give a little to a fund-raising effort my daughter is doing for our very elderly (21yo) furbaby in her care, to help with her expensive medications so she can enjoy her golden years…here is the link (thank you in advance ❤️)

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