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Patchwork #11

Here are some more colourful slices from our week on the Sunshine Coast…

Sunset Cruising

This cruise was everything it was talked up to be by the local tourism office. There were only three parties including ourselves but the skipper and his crew; the bartender treated us all like gold star guests.

The ferry left the dock at 4-ish and returned an hour and a half later after thoroughly exploring the canals and lux holiday homes with massive yachts moored in front. This is how the other half lives. We had a brief stop to pick up the pre-ordered meals from a local fresh fish vendor. Otherwise, it was all about cruise mode.

It was a perfect night for a cruise, the commentary given by the skipper was lively and interesting while our bartender worked her magic with the limes, ice cubes, and beverages.

Mansions all with tinted glass, however at night, so the skipper told is…the tint doesn’t work…

The housing rates to the local council made our eyes water…$25,000 a year. But to moor a luxury yacht…it’s cheap as chips…

It was another world on the canal. There was road access but most houses had a yacht outside. We went past the Irwin family house (the late great Steve Irwin) with their research vessel out front. The skipper informed us they are a humble family, and they will wave if they are about when the cruise goes by.

Then there was another sight to behold…a big bright, beautiful full moon started to rise about the bridge.

As we neared the end of the cruise, the night lights shimmered on the water, and the calm, warm breeze as we slowly motored along made for a magical atmosphere. I think one of the parties on board did the classic Titanic pose from the bow. It was their birthday as well, so with the moon above and not an iceberg in sight, I guess it had to be done.

And an update on my 12 leafy babes!!! Omg, I turn my back for a week, leave them watered and unsupervised…they’re growing so fast! The smaller leaves are hiding, ready to pick their moment to show the more dominant front-row leaves who’s boss ..

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