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Patchwork #14

This patchwork has a giggle, some full throttle, chocolate, and some late blooms…

A Visit from Ulysses

Warwick hosted the Ulysses Club National Rally over 7 days from 4-10 April, culminating with a parade along the CBD, followed by a route around the city. The atmosphere as the riders did ‘laps’ from one end of Palmerin Street to the other, then back down the other side multiple times was electric. There were some mighty big motorbikes purring along the street.

I grew up with brothers and motorbikes, and last century back in the 80s I had a grunty little Yamaha 80! So I could feel the buzz. But it was very cool to see so many bikes going through the town.

A Giggle at the Checkout

There’s usually nothing exciting about doing the groceries. It’s one of my least favourite places to be, shoppers who don’t look where they are going, products are out of stock or the price has taken another hike. And spare a thought for the staff. We have cheerful checkout chicks and fellows; despite being under the pump to get the shoppers through, as the queue grows.

We went to our regular supermarket recently and it was a standard experience until we got to the checkout. The fellow at the checkout said a faux par that got us and the customer in front being served, laughing out loud. He said “109 years old.” She looked surprised and laughed. He instantly picked up his mistake and said apologetically, “I mean a hundred and nine dollars, please.” We were laughing too, and as my husband is the master of dad jokes…he said, “I’ve heard of inflation, but aging so fast in the queue…then he told the lady who was still giggling, “you hold your age very well indeed!”

As she moved away, she said, “I’ll try and be younger when I get to the door!” That finished us off. I told the checkout fellow, “nice work, you’ve given us all a good laugh! You should make that your catchphrase!” We were still laughing as we packed our groceries, and we told the lady before us, “we got 91!” She replied, “Well there’s hope for us yet! With rising prices, we are getting older faster while we wait in the queue!”

An update from our garden

My Frangipani is getting a late surge before it drops its leaves. We are getting closer to the 1st frost of the season, ANZAC Day is the predicted first cold bite.

An update on my green leafy babes…

They are well and truly standing strong now. The other 2 AVs are flowering so I wonder how long before these babes will pop a bloom.

Easter Treats

Our family has been spoilt by a visit from the Easter bunny aka my son’s partner. We each received a bag of goodies to share chocolatey love over the Easter break. My bag is delicious, complete with 95.5% chocolate delights covered with 100s and 1000s.

Until next time, happy Easter, stay safe and well, and thanks for reading


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