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Hahndorf Heaven

A poem about how a hank of yarn found me.

Hahndorf Heaven

The hank of homespun yarn was on a shelf

In Camellia Country Cottage,

From pottery to paper, clothing, and ornaments

Some chunky, some delicate and precious.


The hank of homespun caught my eye

But my attention shifted and moved on

Too many colours and creations

From trendy and modern to bygone.


For it wasn’t wise to hurry

Or to speed up my curious pace

Or I would miss seeing a nook or a book

Or something finished with lace.


The shop was filling my senses

The simplicity soothed my soul

It was a treasure trove of goodies

Nothing glitzy, just charming and whole.


Then my eyes were drawn back to the hank on the shelf

Not knowing what on earth it would make.

But I knew that I had to have it

That challenge I was willing to take.


It came back to Queensland in my luggage

All the way from Hahndorf, SA

Snuggled up with the socks and sweaters

To its new home far far away.


The hank, placed in my craft room

Waited for its time to shine

When I would unravel, let the colours burst out

The purples and blues were divine.


The hank caught my eye yesterday

I got it down from the shelf to explore

The texture and colours told a story

As I rolled it into a ball.


I’ve run my fingers through,

admired the hues

The beautiful fibre, red, green, yellow, and blue

What will it become? What will it make?

I’ll seize that challenge, whatever it takes.

Thanks for reading


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