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Patchwork #16

It’s Mother’s Day!

A day for the family to recognise, celebrate, and spoil us mums for all the things we do to help our family dynamic run as smoothly as possible while fitting in everything else in our day as well. Being a mum has its challenges.

There is no manual for being a mum. We often wing it. We trust our gut and common sense and hope things turn out okay. None of us has a crystal ball, we can’t see if things will turn out as we want them to, but hope they will, we can only try our best and roll with the waves.

I have a favourite poem that I use for certain occasions…it goes like this…

May the long-time sun shine on you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way home.

To all mothers out there, I wish you a wonderful day.  Be spoilt, have heaps of hugs, eat your favourite treats, and enjoy being the best mum in the world to your family.


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