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Patchwork #18

I feel really behind the 8 ball with my patchwork…a stitch in time and all that…well here’s a recap on recent stuff…

So the floods of Friday 13th subsided and life returned to a muddy normal. The river is still higher than normal as a result of the intermittent rain we’ve had, and the banks are mucky, but the ‘lake’ that covered the land, has gone. Madsen Bridge is functional again.

I did a drive around to see the landscape. As we are still newbies when it floods it is still something that turns our heads. Most of the locals are quite complacent about these weather events.

These photos were taken 2 weeks so, but the river is still swollen.

So it seems we have changed from a dusty, dry rural town, to a very green frequently wet, lush one. La Nina is still out to play, the word from the weather office is, we’ll have these weather systems for another year.

The banks of the Condamine River

So after the rain…a beautiful sunset. The sky is full of surprises.

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