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Martha’s Musings #7


Ever done something exciting and exhilarating, something that would shock your friends?

I did, a while ago – it was artistic, creative, absolutely gorgeous, and cool. I was catching up with everyone else I know who has done it. So I did it. I got inked.

It didn’t hurt a bit, which surprised the nice young gal doing the tattoo. “It should be hurting a bit!

Nope, not at all. I was so excited that any pain didn’t register in my brain, the endorphins and adrenalin got in the way and blocked it out. In hindsight, I should gave had a Brazilian first, though… was my third tattoo…the first time I was a bit nervous. I could have lit up a small town with my anxiety. I was sure it was going to be so painful that I would faint. But after the first letter in the small line of the script was done, I had an ‘Oh’ moment. Is that it?? Not so bad after all. So that was my first. My second one, I was like, yeah, I have done this before. Again it didn’t hurt, the tattooist was just as surprised as the gal who did my 3rd one.

So now I have to stay fit and toned, with the body of a 20yo…stop laughing…otherwise, my tattoos will go a bit like warm pastry. Do you know how pastry gets when you are trying to make a flan in 35-degree heat? That’s Celcius…not Fahrenheit. No matter what you do to it, add more flour, it just goes droopy. And you’ll already know all those jokes and cartoons about us older gals when things Stretch, Droop, and Drop…well I won’t be joining that SDD team any time soon!

Well, you’ll have to excuse me, but to keep the SDD away, I need to go push some weights and work my arms…I’ve even taken on a personal trainer. He is right on point! Is that the right saying? If it’s not…too bad. I like the sound of it. He’s keeping me on track. It’s amazing what’s possible on a Swiss Ball…

Thanks for reading Marth’s latest musings…now that she has not one, but three tattoos…she’s unstoppable! And as her muscle definition starts to take on a new groove, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with, if she wasn’t one already! She has more gossip, helpful hacks, and other fascinating stuff to tell you, so check in again soon 🙂


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