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Patchwork #21

This patchwork includes loads of colour, quirky originality, and a special kind of magic that warms up Warwick and the Southern Downs for 10 days with Jumpers and Jazz in July festival.

A yarnbombed tractor

We started with the famous, Freestone Country Brekky & Yarn Spectacular. Outside the Freestone Hall, the yarnbombing was brilliant!

Then we went back to town (Warwick) to suss out the action…

St Mark’s Church has yarn bombed flowers cascading down the side. Looks awesome!

There’s a lot more to this time of year than yarnbombing, and I’ll add more photos during the festival. It’s all about music, dancing in the streets, popup shops, weaving, felting, clothing, local and visiting artisans, delicious local eats and treats, classic cars, the steam train, markets, suitcase rummage, and more.

Thanks for reading…


5 thoughts on “Patchwork #21

    1. Thanks, Mason, yes Warwick and the region are loaded with spinners, weavers, crochet queens, and knitting genius!
      they are all working away in the shadows then they come out to play for Jumpers. The CBD transforms for 10 days with colour and music. The main street has bands playing, people bobbing heads, giggling to the music. The swing dancers get their groove on too on the two weekends. During the week the jazz music in the street is coming through speakers, but on the weekends, the bands are out It’s very cool 🙂

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