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Patchwork #22

This patchwork has a myriad of colours and textures including music, food, fascinating craftwork, and a positive, creative community.

Jumpers and Jazz in July

This weekend has been a culmination of the quirkiest 10 days that Queensland can offer. Yesterday the main street was taken over by oodles of suitcases showing off all sorts of treasures. From felted hats to stitchcraft, patchwork, treasures from yesteryear, treasures recently handcrafted, clothes, pottery, scarves, woodwork, old books, bags, slippers, socks, the zaniest winter beanies you’ve ever seen, and so, so much more.

The main street is filled with bulging suitcases for the world-famous in Warwick, Suitcase Rummage.
Meet Bob the Bellman of Renown. Bob is our very own local Town Crier, he is the current World Champion Caller, he was a London Bobby back in the day, and now retired, he calls the Southern Downs, home. He’s a delightful fellow, he appears in all his official regalia on special occasions such as JJJ. He’s always ready with interesting stories about Warwick including the bullet hole in the wall of the Criterion Pub, as well as witty and quirky ditties and poems of days gone by. (Google him, he has video clips of some of his performances in Warwick 🙂🔔)

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If you want to see more from JJJ 2022…check out the website


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