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A Sunday Walk

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A Sunday Walk

It was a typical Sunday morning as I filled my drink bottle, preparing for my half-marathon training. The house was quiet; the radio was off, so was my phone, and my household was sleeping. I slipped out the front door and picked up my pace.

“How odd, there’s no one about down here. It’s like everyone’s staying home.”

Back home, I turned on my phone. It beeped, a text from my good friend Pam.

‘There’s a Tsunami high alert. Stay away from the coastline. Don’t go near the beach, walk through the park instead. Stay safe.’

“You’re kidding me!”

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This is based on true events, when, some years ago, a Tsunami alert was given for the Eastern Coastline of NZ due to an earthquake in Japan. I was completely oblivious, too focused on my training. The one time I didn’t listen to the radio or check my phone before heading out! Typical!

14 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk

    1. Thank you, Bernadette,I had a huge ‘ooops’ moment when I found out I shouldn’t have been there! The tsunami warnings are very broad, if it had been thought to be critical, there would have been police out, but no tsunamis resulted! 🙂


  1. Great story. I, too, have had occasions where I’ve gone out to hike or forage and have been caught by storms because I didn’t check the weather beforehand… mostly back in the 80’s in a time before smart phones, or in my case any tech.

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