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The Black Knight

Ragtag Daily Prompt —Flight

The Black Night

It was the most unlikely relationship ever.  Ruby’s mother Rona, said it would never work.  She knew opposites attract, but even that was pushing this pairing a bit far.

How could it work when Ruby was flamboyant, noisy, and lively and Bronson was the quiet, suave type?  Would he get a word in?  Ruby was never short for conversation.

 Bronson didn’t have to say much, he was absurdly good -looking and his demeanor said it all.  He was quite a handsome brute.  Ruby was completely smitten, and understandably so.  Rona knew the time would come when she got in a flap over a nice-looking boy.  But she never thought Bronson would be Ruby’s perfect match in her wildest dreams or nightmares.  It was every mother’s and, for that matter, father’s concern; who their daughter would want to spend time with.  Now that time had come, neither of them was ready for it.

Despite Bronson’s preference for dimly lit areas and unpopulated areas, he and Ruby met in a sunny part of the park where children were playing, parents pushed their babies in strollers, and the BBQ was cooking up a storm for a picnic.  There was nothing dodgy or ‘in the shadows’ about their beginnings.

Ruby’s father Rex, was as skeptical as his wife regarding their daughter’s new beau, but one look at the size of Bronson’s father made him very reluctant to interfere. He told Rona to stop worrying and let the young ones sort it out.

And sort it out, they did, and happily.

Ruby and Bronson were approaching their first year together.  Ruby had a small gift, wrapped in black paper with a black ribbon, Bronson also had the perfect gift for Ruby.  His gift didn’t need wrapping or ribbons.  It would be perfect without the sparkly paper; he didn’t do sparkly.

One night when the Moon was full and the lightest breeze, he gave Ruby her present.

He told her she would not know any sensation quite like it.  He backed this bold statement up by telling her she would feel freer than a bird; which was saying a lot considering she was a Rainbow Lorikeet.

She climbed on Bronson’s strong black back and hung on with her sharp claws.  Bracing herself and ready to burst with excitement, he stretched his broad, black wings.  Quietly and effortlessly, they lifted into the air.

With her claws holding on tightly onto Bronson’s back, Ruby bravely let her wings open and held them out to the Moon.

They flew straight across the bright white celestial ball, joining Bronson’s clan as the black cloud of Bats silently graced the sky.

The night air was fresh on her face, her beak opened slightly as she sighed with pleasure.

Bronson was right.  There was nothing quite like Bat flight at night.

Her black knight had delivered the best present ever.

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