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Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Trish Nankeville


Rose breathed deeply, sending familiar scents up her nostrils, filling her heart with memories.  It was good to be back. Leaving the city life behind, the family bach was perfect for gatherings. In the bush, a stream nearby, they shared songs and stories around the fire pit. 

She was distracted by a scuffling sound when she put the seasonal blooms in a vase. Turning sharply, she gasped.

“At last. It’s just you and me, Rose. We have a score to settle.” her estranged cousin sneered, grinning menacingly.

“Seriously? Let it go, Frank! I won that chess game, fair and square!”

Thanks for reading

Note: Pronounced ‘Batch’, a ‘Bach’ is a common slang term used for a holiday home in NZ.


32 thoughts on “Checkmate

    1. Thanks for reading, oneta, I think I’ll have to try and work a sequel into a future photo prompt for this one. I agree, hes not vicious, just the odd one out in the family who didn’t quite click with the others. There’s a lot more to him than 100 words can tell. More challenges, 2 out of 3…that’s a great idea!

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    1. Thanks for reading, Isadora. Yes he’s a competitive fellow, wants to finish on top of his game. I think maybe he was feeling cocky when they started to play, not realising Rose’s smarts.


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