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The Wanderer

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Roger Bultot

Simon was reputed among his peers as a wanderer, slipping smoothly and unseen into a car, truck, campervan, or taxi, to hitch a ride.  The campervans were luxury; he’d curl up on the bed, in the sink, toilet, or shower. 

After exiting his ride, he found himself in a playground. The puddles quenched his thirst, and the sun warmed his two-metre-long body. He’d eat, drink, and look for a mate in or near this highrise plastic colourful world. It was a far cry from bushland, but a snake can’t be fussy. 

“Let’s hope the locals are friendly,” Simon hissed.

Snake season has started in Australia, they have woken up and they can be found in toy boxes, laundry baskets… everywhere! We humans need to be on high alert, they don’t like being disturbed when fighting another male for a female, during mating, nursing babies, eating, sleeping…or any other time! Cranky, much! They want us to hiss off! Simon isn’t so cranky and had his debut in Border Blues. Do have a read, he has a fun tale to tell!

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27 thoughts on “The Wanderer

  1. Gosh, scary stuff. 😱 The worst I’ve known was a cow sticking it’s head through the bathroom window at my grandads farm but a snake is a whole other level. Great story 👏. KL ❤️

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    1. I find snakes a bit fascinating. I’m not used to them yet, we don’t have them in NZ. I’m very mindful if I see one, and freeze if it’s close. I haven’t had a threatening encounter with one so my fear levels are quite low.

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  2. Yes I guess so. Snakes are protected here, which is unfair…they can strike and kill someone, but no one is supposed to harm or kill them. There’s a bit of injustice there I think. But that’s from Kiwi viewpoint lol


  3. Fleur you sound like you are well-acquainted with the moods of snakes, which gives you a real advantage when they emerging from everywhere. The snakes around here try to get away from humans asap. We have a bad rep, you know… 😉

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  4. I stayed in the New Territories in Hong Kong and one of our regular checks was to keep the frogs away from and out of the house. No point in inviting in Simon searching for his lunch, especially at night., he would scare the kids. What fun.

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