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That P-Word

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Bill Reynolds

“You need to get away.  The words will flow if you get out of the city.  You have too many distractions!”  my editor was doing her usual rant on the phone.

“The dog needs grooming, we’re short-staffed at the cafe, and my roses won’t prune themselves…” I lamented back down the phone.

“Well, you know the deadline, yes? Please just try and finish that manuscript.  Your fans want the sequel.”

“Okay, I’ll go bush. I’ll take my guitar. Just me, nature, my laptop…I’m out of Mozzie repellent.  They’ll eat me alive!”

“Stop procrastinating!”  

I hate that P word!

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19 thoughts on “That P-Word

  1. ‘I hate that P word” Love this, if only I had fans. I have added a piece I wrote for our writing group some time ago.

    The Procrastinators

    If and only are companions
    They go hand in hand with fate
    Like the dreams of millions
    In retrospect, they arrive too late.

    If and only trapped in meditation
    Held back by dithering doubt
    full of indecisive hesitation
    In retrospect, just throw them out.

    If and only may rule your life
    with choices hard to bare
    what could have been was strife
    In retrospect, do you really care?

    Now if was your only thought
    when you couldn’t make up your mind
    of things not done or should or ought
    In retrospect, if only you had more time.

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    1. Well said! I’m sorry I missed this earlier, James. This is a great poem, can I share it with our local Writer’s Group on our Facebook page? We’ve finished for the year, but they’d love this. Sorry again for this late reply.

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