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Patchwork #27

It’s been a while…   If anyone knows what happened to October, can they let me know?  It’s like time travelling  –  zooming through a month, forward into the next, and not bothering to wait for days to pass.

Anyway.  A few things to catch up on…

Kalbar’s Big Day

Kalbar held its famous annual Country Market a few weeks back.  There were so many stalls, it took us a couple of hours to see it all.  The Scenic Rim always turns it on, people come from all over the region, and from the coast.  It’s a great event.

Rodeo Season

The Famous Annual Warwick Rodeo has been and gone.  The campdrafting was cancelled, and the wet weather meant the national finalists couldn’t deliver their best performance in the National Championships.  It has been put off until some time next year, but the Rodeo went on, with calf wrestling, bronco riding, bull riding, and other events. A  huge crowd came out to support.  The rodeo has been around since 1906, so there’s a lot of history behind the colossal event, which is on the last full weekend of October every year. The nation’s top rodeo riders and the best broncs and bucking bulls gather for the Warwick Rodeo – known far and wide as “Australia’s Most Famous”.

Movie News

I went to see Mrs Harris went to Paris last Saturday.  What a delightful movie. Set in 1957 in London, Mrs Harris is a lovely soul, a hard-working cleaner for high-end clients in private residences.  She learns she is single again when she gets the news her husband Eddie has been killed in the war. 

One of her clients is a well-to-do lady who has just spent 500 quid on a new Dior dress.  Mrs Harris sees it hanging in the client’s wardrobe and instantly falls in love with the exquisite creation, and starts dreaming of buying her own Dior dress.  And so she works out a way to get to Paris, where her adventure begins. 

She wants to help people simply but effectively with no fuss or bother, just get problems fixed.  There is so much fuss and bother in the real world, so to see a person like Mrs Harris just being herself and winning hearts and saving a little bit of the world, is so endearing. The movie is a drama, but there are some cute funny bits as well as some irony. I suggest you take a few tissues along, too. I’m giving it an easy 5 stars. The message is clear – dream big, work hard, and magic can happen.

Book News

So I’m currently reading my first John Grisham book.  I read the first 3  pages of The Judges List and knew I had to read the rest. It took a little while to build as the characters established themselves, but the story is brilliantly paced and is unfolding so well, the Judge is as dodgy as hell; he’s a serial killer. The author is masterful in how he brings the Judge to life, and how scheming, clever, cunning, and meticulous he is. I like all the other characters, they are straight to the point, with no fluff as they try and nail the killer. The pace has kept me turning each page.  I am hooked, and I will be reading more from John Grisham.

I’m a bookworm, give me a book to dive into, a cup of tea, no interruptions… Pure Bliss!

What are you reading?  Drop a comment on the reads you recommend.

AV News

And now, in case you were wondering…I know you were…here’s an update on that African Violet.  It’s now fully grown and blooming. It was a bit of a wait…9 months…but it was worth it!

Dad Joke Alert!!

Our cat is semi-comatose on the couch next to me and I say to her…”has it been a hard day in pussycat land?”

She looks at me and yawns.  I tell her, “Lions in Africa nap for 21 hours out of 24, so it’s a cat thing. I know, you’ve been very busy on a cellular level.” and I pat her, reassuringly.

“There’s no call for that… she hasn’t been on the phone.”

On that note…or ringtone…LOL…thanks for reading


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