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One Cold Night

This poem is based on a real event.

FOWC with Fandango  — Sinister

One Cold Night

One cold night when the moon was bright

The townsfolk were huddled in fright

As the enemy arrived with all their might

To seek, devour and destroy.

William of Maverley, known for his bravery

Donned his armour, fearless and strong

He opened a window, set up his crossbow

Getting four or more wouldn’t take long.

Could he catch more? But who kept score?

In their thousands, they moved, worse than before.

They were relentless, leaving him breathless

Shuddering to his core.

The roads and lanes moved like chains 

As they claimed their stake in the town

Armies of them took over the land

They’d not stop ‘til they bought the place down.

More were coming he knew, so what could he do?

But hope his small act would suffice

He was outnumbered, they left him dumbfounded

The enemy was larger than life.

The foolish bystander would have a gander

At a war that could never be won

He’d shake his head in wonder 

At the lone warrior standing up for the town.

They came from every direction, not needing correction

Their purpose was clear, to affront all those near

They had their sinister way, to destroy and dismay

Until they moved on, raising more fear.

This war came in cycles, never surprises

The townsfolk knew what to expect

In an uprising so brutal, staying calm was crucial

As the enemy devoured and wrecked.

Many cold nights passed, 

Their plan had surpassed expectations.

Then at last they were gone to where they came from

Leaving townsfolk to rebuild their plantations.

The townsfolk unfurled, like a flower once curled

The Sun was as bright as before

The crops would grow in healthy straight rows

And the mouse plague was a menace no more.

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