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TTT #9

December has been so busy, I didn’t get to add this recipe before Christmas, but it can be used for any celebration. There are many trifle recipes out there and here is another one, but this one, to me, is special. My dear Mum made this for us for Christmas. Now it’s my turn to keep the tradition going. I leave out the sherry as my family doesn’t like it, but you can do your own thing!

Below is a photo of the recipe, complete with the stain on the paper from a bowl or tin or something, and the scribblings and scratch outs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Mum’s Christmas Trifle


5 thoughts on “TTT #9

  1. I love a sherry trifle at Christmas, but now the kids aren’t home. I’m the only one to eat it. TBH I was nearly the only one to eat it when they were home – hubby and a son would eat some to be kind 🙂 I love a pavlova and for a couple of years, my hubby and a son (same son) made their own. Then they’d conquered that mountain! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for popping in Trish 🙂
      I did sherry in the trifle one year and no one liked it…I think that is mentioned in my blog…so I keep it simple without it now. Mum made the best trifle, it was all gone on Christmas Day. Mine is a fair resemblance to hers 🙂❤️


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