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Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Fleur Lind


You leave me plugged in to recharge while you sleep, with those travel bugs dancing about in your head. At dawn, I get placed on your car’s windscreen.

Your car purrs into life.  You tap my screen for directions.  

Three two, one …the fun starts by the first corner.  My calm demeanor always sets you off.  You hate it when I tell you to do a u-turn where possible in 3-lane traffic.

At this point, your colourful insults start. I’m amazed at how you develop new ones for each trip. But I remain resiliently sweet.

It’s my way or the highway…what’s it to be?

Thanks for reading

This is a 100-word version of a short story I wrote for our local paper on 13 December 2017. How time flies!


21 thoughts on “Recalculating

    1. I have a love/ hate relationship with our gps. If it doesn’t send me down the wrong road then that’s okay. When it does the right thing especially when I get a turning lane in heavy traffic, I tell it it’s wonderful!
      A patient, loving, but disappointed parent? That’s an interesting one!

      This GPS has an agenda, for sure, just to add a twist 🙂


  1. I swear those devices have a capricious streak programmed into them. They’ve taken me to some unbelievable out-of-the-way “shortcuts” that are difficult to recover from. Funny story and I agree that it’s good they don’t record our responses lol

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    1. It took me down a dirt road once…I should have ignored it but I said, okay, if you say so…
      The dirt turned to gravel then to big stones, boulders. I tried to do that u-turn where possible and git bogged as we’d had heavy rain that morning! Luckily a local was passing and pulled me out. So now I just glare at the gps as I pass that wrong turn lol

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  2. Dear Fleur,

    I’ve found there are certain parts of town where the GPS has taken us to the wrong place. AI isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, is it? I remember the “good old days” when relied on paper roadmaps. 😉 Fun story and photo. Thank you.



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