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Flying the Flag

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © J Hardy Carroll

Flying the Flag

“I really am frightfully bored here,” Agnes whinged pompously.

“Come now, it’ll be Spring soon.  That tree outside always makes you miserable.” Cedrick patted her down.

“I’d rather be a gleeful ghost, …hey!  What’s that?”


“There. On the floor.”

“Looks like a flag.”

“Well, I’ve just found my new toy!” Agnes threw it over her head.

“It’s a bit wobbly, that guillotine did a rough job.”

“It was blunt!”

In the next room, Perry and Nick searched.

“Where’s the flag, we need it for Australia Day.”

“I know, it’s here somewhere.” 

A blur of blue and white flashed past Nick.


Thanks for reading


19 thoughts on “Flying the Flag

    1. Thanks so much Neil, it started off as 2 aristocratic ghosts bumbling about in the building, but as I was a bit stuck, Mason kindly suggested bringing the Australian flag into the mix to honour our public holiday yesterday. What a great idea! Credit to him 🙂


    1. Hank you James. Yes, it’s a bit of dark humour/tongue in cheek or whatever. I was thinking of John Cleese doing the ghost in Harry Potter. The way some ghosts in HP lift their head up like it’s on a hinge.
      Agnes is determined to have fun, wobbly head ir not, I think.

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