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Patchwork #32

This thread includes storms, inspiration, relaxation, and tree talk.

Here I am, on a Saturday night.  The day has been very warm, I didn’t check the temperature on my phone app or on the temperature gauge on the front porch, but I am guessing it was 30 something.

After a busy day of doing an assortment of Saturday stuff, including, walking to town before it got too hot,(any time after 11 am is pushing it) … getting a new filter for our under/bench water filter, then visiting a few shops to explore storage options to sort out a small area with a lot in it…

I could tell you everything I did today…I changed the water filter under the sink.  I have a plastic spanner contraption to do this and I feel like a ‘jill of all trades’ when I do it.  I should have a pink tool kit like Martha has, or at least a tool belt.  She’ll want one of those next…

A Cheeky Storm

I hung out washing, then bought washing in because I read the clouds that were rapidly moving in from the west to mean we were going to get a dumping of rain really soon…but I read the clouds wrong because I haven’t lived here long enough and don’t know their language yet…the locals can read the clouds like a book…they know when and where it’s going to fall… but I still reckon we’ll get rain tonight…speaking of which…just now there was a flash of lightning outside and a good clap of thunder.. and it’s pouring down…told ya…I love it when that happens.  My gut feeling is there, just a bit late lol



My day was filled with other stuff, and finally, I sat down with a cup of Daintree tea at 3.45. I have a special moment when I drink Daintree Tea.  It reminds me of a very pleasant time had at The Book Lounge in Port Douglas, Northern Queensland, while on holiday.  It’s not every day you walk into a bookstore and the owner calls out to you that he’s putting the kettle on for a cup of tea, and how do I like mine???

When was the last time you went into a new bookstore, you had never seen before, and the owner said that??  I was busy going ohhh and ahhh at the shelves of books and how cute the couches that were placed here and there in nooks and open places, for readers to just grab a book and read.  Seriously, how cool is that?

So, I told him how I like my tea, still wondering if I had just dreamed that… and then he said okay have a seat…here’s your tea.  With a biscuit!!  

I don’t know about you, but I seriously thought I had gone to book heaven. That just doesn’t happen in the bookstores I go in.  Another fellow arrived, I think he was a regular as the owner knew him by name, and he made him a cup of tea, too.  So the three of us had the most wonderful chat, about books, favourite reads, the shop, life in general, and of course he wanted to hear about our travels. My other half was going through the CDs in a huge box outside the main front door.  I hauled him in and said you must come inside!  It’s amazing!  I was having a Narnia moment or maybe a Dr. Who Moment..the Tardis is bigger on the inside…


So here I sit in front of my laptop, a glass of Upside Down Sav Blanc in hand, listening to the very heavy rain outside.  Hehehe.  I was right….

I’m relaxing with this blog, waiting for our quiche to cook.  The recipe dates back to 1988…It was given to me by my employer, the owner of a health food store in the tiny but industrious town of Tokoroa in the Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand.  I was a kitchen hand/waitress and she taught me how to make this quiche.  And to this day I do exactly what she told me to do. So with 10 more minutes of cooking time…I’ll add this recipe to my recipe page.  Go check it out 😉

The rain has stopped now…that’s the unpredictable thing with storms.  They can last 20 minutes or go all night long…like two nights ago. At least the air is a bit cooler now, the humidity was awful before.

Dad Joke Alert!

Some of my day was spent attending to our potted garden. Trees in the neighbourhood suffer when the rain is intermittent or nonexistent…

‘The Arborists couldn’t tell why the tree in the park had died. They were stumped!’ ©Sue McManus

Have a lovely weekend…thanks for reading


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      1. I don’t sleep much, brain goes into a hyper-realistic world state and starts showing me a story. I’m not asleep, just not on earth it seems. It’s really annoying and not controllable.

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