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Martha’s Musings #13

#13, eh? Unlucky for some…but…


 If I keep going like this – on a roll with my useful hacks and juicy bits, I might get my own page on this site!  Maybe a magazine scout or editor might read one of my highly informative, interesting, and fun posts and beg me to write articles for them!  I’d have to check my schedule, but I could probably work around it 😉

So while we are on this roll…here’s another one of life’s little things that when it happens, is a major pain in the rear end. It should be easy but it likes to go haywire.

Shade screens on car windscreens…

Okay, so they have a suction cup thingy to hold the shade in place…right?

But what if the suction thingy comes off and disappears in your car somewhere and you can’t find it?  It might have fallen out of the car when the door was open.

Because I am a forward-thinking, get-it-sorted-kind-of-gal, I rang the local auto store that sells everything from pretty pink USB ports that plug into your cigarette lighter – to cleaning kits and oil for your next lube.  Not yours …for your car.

Turns out the auto shop had a spare, so they gave it to me.  Now I have to be careful not to yank it off the glass.  I can’t lose this one!

And another thing..

I am generally a peaceful, nature-loving gal, but I am ready for war. My peace-loving ways don’t mean I tiptoe through tulips but wander nonchalantly through strawberry orchards and eat more than I should when it’s PYO. I’m amazed but happy that I haven’t been seen by the security cameras.  That would just add to my list they’ve got at the cop shop.  They already have me for misuse of a champagne cork…but we won’t talk about that…

Anyway.  Back to the war.  I have set down my weapon and I’m ready.  War, you say?  Okay, it went like this…

I like grapes.  I used to grow Ebony Beauty, but then I changed to Pink Iona because I have a thing for pink.  I even like her music…

So, I’m not the only one who likes my grapes.  There is a villain…the bad guy..or guys…maybe they are girls…I don’t know but that’s not important right now...they are a flock of birds who are ready and set to swoop on my grapes when they ripen.  

And I say, no way!

So, as I got the dregs last year after they had punctured almost every grape with a beak-sized hole, gobbled their fill of juice, spat out the pips…I’m taking action this year. 

I’ve got my green bandana on, and that can only mean one thing;  I’ve lost my hair tie, or something’s going down

I’ve been to the garden shop… I took my bandana off first…and bought 3 rolls of bird netting.  Don’t worry, I won’t hurt the feathered felons, I just want to make sure they know they are trespassing.  Somehow I don’t think they will care, I think they will try to have a feast regardless.  They don’t strike me as birds that would be bothered about me being bothered.

Anyway, the netting is up, and the score will be tighter than the Australian Open! I bet Novak Djokovic could scare them away for good if he waved his racquet around a bit.  When he’s in full swing, he gets a kind of grin on. That would be enough to send the entire flock heading south or north or any direction they like, so long as they leave my grapes alone.  

Are you watching the game tonight? Who’s your pick to win? And who will throw their racquet if they lose a point? I’d love to be in the commentary box…the advice and reprimands I could offer…

Well, on that note, take care, stay safe, keep your balls inside the lines, throw netting over anyone who’s annoying you, stay away from the security cameras, and if the going gets tough, don’t give in grab your green bandana!

Talk later…

Your pal,


Thanks for stopping by to check on Martha. She needs a lot of supervision…maybe she’ll tell you about a hat she wears occasionally when she’s not wearing her green bandana…on the hat are embroidered words that are very true for her. But that’s a story for another day…as Martha says!


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