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Do You Remember?

Sadje’s What Do You See – picture above – Greg Nunes Unsplash

Ragtag Daily Prompt — Strange

Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge — Asterisk- Colon – Comma

Here’s a quirky view of Valentine’s Day… the practicalities of plumbing mixed with the magic of mushrooms 😉

Do you Remember?

“Remember our first kiss?” she asked dreamily

“How could I forget?” he said, down on one knee.

“Our braces got stuck, 

We called the dentist to set us both free.”

“Metal on metal,

Like scaffolding, it was, 

The wire and the bands, 

No room for the floss.”

“You wrote me letters

When you went to Uni

A comma, an asterisk, 

A colon… so looney!”

“Remember our meeting place?”

“Yep, by the lake at the park, 

The blue mushrooms were magic

They set off a strange spark.”

“They were so blue

matching your eyes,

There was something about them…”

She said with a sigh.

“That something was love,

I knew straight away

From that first look 

I knew I’d not stray.”

“Aww so romantic after all these years!

Mel tried to fight the tears

“40 years on, we’re still going strong”

Not a teenage crush, we proved them wrong.

“That’ll do it, the join is tight as can be.”

Bill got back up from down on one knee

He put away his spanner, plumbing job done

“Let’s go and celebrate, have some fun!”

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