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Patchwork #34

This patchwork is about unexplained noises, curious sights in the sky, seeing the funny side, and having time out.

I’m not entirely sure you will find this as funny as I did, and hopefully not boring.  I think it is more a case of ‘having to be there’.

So, long story short…I was driving up William Street, to work.  The hospital is at the top of the street.  Halfway up, my car starts to make a noise I have never heard before.  I have been down this road before…pardon the pun…late last year when I was working out of town, parked in a quiet street, and when I turned on the ignition, my car really went nuts.  Steam bellowed out from under the hood, I freaked out, turned the car off, and panicked, I wondered what to do next.  That was then.

This time, the noise got louder.  I pulled over quickly and by then the noise was thunderous.  I turned the aircon off, turned the ignition off, and still the noise!  Is something going to blow up? Should I get out of the car? What the hell?? I said something far stronger than that though.

A dozen thoughts were screaming at me…

What’s about to blow up? It cant be the compressor.  Not again!  I only had the car in for service a week ago and it got 5 stars for being so good.  So what the hell is wrong now???

Then I looked up, as you do, and saw it.  No way!

Panic over, it wasn’t my car making the noise at all, which was a huge relief, I couldn’t see how it could possibly be.

The noise….rolling my eyes….was the hospital’s helicopter, carrying patients. We are used to the helicopter arriving with incoming or dispatching to another hospital, the flight path is right over our house.  

So it was coming in, approaching the helipad, but was hovering momentarily, right above my car, and the noise was reverberating through my car!  In hindsight, I felt a bit like Roy did in Close Encounters of the Third Kind…when the baby ship hovered above his car. He got a sunburned face, I was just dumbstruck!  

So my concerns vanished, I started my car again and on went the aircon. And I watched the helicopter finish its journey and land where it was supposed to.

It had me going, thinking the worst, though!

Cloud Hands

Today during Tai Chi, the sky was filled with some curious-looking clouds.  It was coincidental that we were learning and practicing Level 5 and doing ‘Cloud hands’…when another class member said ‘Look up, check out those clouds!”  I had to interrupt my tai chi to take a quick photo.  Clouds often change within minutes of taking a photo, but these stayed put for a good hour afterward.  Very cool to see, especially during Tai Chi.

New Page Alert

Keep an eye out for a new page to hit my website. The content will be familiar, but it’ll have a fresh, new look!


It’s Friday, it has been a busy, hot, working week here on ‘the Downs’ in Southern Downs, SE Queensland.  I wish you a great weekend, for whatever you have planned or for whatever randomly turns up.  The weekend goes too fast, but it’s about quality, not quantity.

With the Rose City Writer’s Group monthly meeting tomorrow, we’ll gather, and pack in some writing ideas, great reads we recommend, inspiration, motivation, teamwork, fun, and afternoon tea. Our meetings are like a shot in the arm with words being intravenously fed into our minds.  Imagine that.  Instead of a bag of plasma or hydration, a bag full of words and brilliant ideas for that next story!  Now that’s a thought and a half!

Keep smiling, keep cool if you live down here, keep warm if you live up there, and show a little kindness every day. It’ll help someone along the way. The late great Glenn Campbell said it best.<3

Thanks for reading


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