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Patchwork #36

This patchwork is about market days, the mix and blends of aromas, flavours, textures, colour, tunes, and smiles. A sunny Sunday morning on the Southern Downs, Glengallan Seasonal Market, at Glengallan Homestead.

It was a perfect day for the market, with the wind staying away…last time we went to this market, the wind blew and the marketeers were hanging on to their gazebos for fear of them taking off!

Weaving around the trees on the sprawling grounds, we saw familiar stalls – the Fudge stall is always a go-to.  They know us well!  We are return customers, as their fudge is superb. We bought some Malting Moments! If you’d like to try this deliciousness, head to Whisk Creations.

And then we heard the sweetest sounds…the very cool tunes of Cathi Brown.  Cathi performs with Melomaniacs – contemporaries of the Warwick Choral Society.  Wow! I could listen to her sing all afternoon as she wandered about with her microphone, red umbrella, and backing music on a cute little compact speaker she hooked on her umbrella handle. Simplicity is the key! Her music gave a relaxed Sunday morning vibe. Check out my short video of the super-talented Cathi Brown, on my Facebook Author page here

Glengallan is well worth a visit if you’re in this neck of the woods. 

And on an ending note… here’s a dad joke alert about shopping…

Instagram and Chrome are going shopping.

Instagram: Aren’t you going to buy anything?

Chrome: Nah, I’m a browser.

I’m sorry, that was so bad…but good as well LOL!

Happy days everyone, keep smiling, stay well, stay safe, be kind…repeat…


4 thoughts on “Patchwork #36

  1. Sounds like a superb market to visit. Loving the joke too!

    “Hey, Sue. Why are we going in the haberdashery? we don’t need anything, do we?”
    “Sure we do, Jack?”
    “Why?” he asked exasperated.
    “Because our son just bought Windows 11 – he will need new curtains!”

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