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Patchwork #39

This patchwork includes a getaway, some history, and a walk in the park.

We’re on a wee trip away…we flew ‘across the ditch’ as we coin it down here…to NZ. NZ is only 3-4 hours flight away, 3 and a half with a tail wind. The star attraction of our trip is our daughter’s birthday, and a few days relaxing, exploring, and taking in what’s new in Christchurch.

My daughter, Ms M, and her partner moved house just 2 weeks before we arrived. But despite how recently they had unpacked the boxes, their wee cottage looks surprisingly organised as if they have been there for months. The cottage is gorgeous. It has 123 years of history backing it up. The street is named after a household name in New Zealand. Thomas Edmonds, from London, moved to Christchurch and after opening a store and hearing the laments of housewives who’s baking was failing them, created/invented Edmonds Baking Powder back in 1922. He coined the phrase ‘Sure to Rise’, to reassure the customers that their sponges would indeed rise with his baking powder. You can find out more here

So when we went for a walk later in the afternoon last Sunday, in Edmonds Factory Park. We discovered from the informative panels placed around the park, that the area was the parklands surrounding his factory building. I think that is very cool. I grew up with Edmonds Baking Powder in the cupboard at home. Mum always found a reason to make a sponge cake for our family!

There are some wonderful treasures waiting to be discovered in Christchurch. We went to Sumner Beach on Sunday, it was a cloudless day, and a comfortable 25 degrees, unlike the 35 degree heatwave happening in Warwick, Qld! I’m not missing that at all. The beach is popular, great for swimming, climbing rocks and walking through caves. And of course a shop or two selling good creamy Kiwi ice cream! It was a fab day out and the birthday girl enjoyed it immensely.

The Gondola is always a good trip out, we will do that later in the week, taking in the view from the top. The weather has been very kind so far, as Autumn can be a bit fickle. We will enjoy the mild temps, and I’m soaking up my Kiwi culture, enjoying hearing ‘my speak’ from the locals. Our Kiwi accent is such a contrast to the Aussie one. Our vowels ar completely flip-side from the Aussie ones. Hence the common joke, “say fush and chups!”

So on that note, Kia ora, noho pai, kia harikoa,

Until next time…


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