Brina’s Earwarmers4U Appeal

I have joined forces with my daughter Melissa, for a very special project.

Melissa is 30, lives in Christchurch NZ, and I am across the pond in SE Queensland. Anything I work on with Melissa is special, and this new ‘warm-fuzzy’ idea is one of our best!

Our family cat, Brina, is in her senior/geriatric years now, but typically of her Burmese breed that is known for their longevity, she is a wee trooper and at almost 22 years old, she is making every day count. Melissa is a wonderful carer, making sure all Brina’s needs are met and she is comfortable, and has variety in her day with activities to exercise her brain and gently work her arthritic joints.

Enjoying some quiet time in her house

As with any fur baby with medical conditions such as a moody liver and temperamental kidneys, dementia, and balance issues, the recommended diet for optimum health is prescribed by her vet. So our wee princess is enjoying expensive meals which cater to liver and kidney support. She also has fish oil daily which helps her joint movement. She had a visit to the vet recently and she is doing well as can be expected. She is happy, mobile, and enjoys wee ‘approved’ treats like salmon.

Getting a good view of the local park during an outing
Supervising in the garden
Meditating in a pile of straw

You can find out a lot more about Brina’s adventures here


Here’s where Earwarmers4U comes in. Drum roll, please…

Melissa and I had an innovative idea to raise funds for Brina’s ongoing expenses. Melissa has her own health issues and is unable to work full-time hours, so the budget for Brina’s needs is severely stretched.

Here’s how it works…

I love to crochet.

I have a stack of yarn taking up space.

I have discovered a very effective pattern for ear warmers.

And it gets very cold in winter, hence the need for winter essentials!

Every ear warmer sale goes into the ‘kitty’ for Brina’s expenses. it’s a win/win. Actually, add another win! I declutter; use up my pile of yarn, you get a snazzy, on-trend, beautiful, snuggly ear warmer, or you can use it in the warmer months as a headband and apply makeup. ..and Brina continues to enjoy life.

Our much younger, black Aussie cat, Indy, trying my ear warmer on for size…

Want to help Brina and own a wonderful ear warmer of your own? – Here’s how!

Each ear-warmer is a cheap and cheerful $15nz. All the proceeds go to helping Brina with her veterinary care.
To purchase and help simply use the email address below to pay Melissa through Paypal and then email her with your delivery address, quantity, and desired colours.

Paypal and order address:

Another way you can help is with a donation!

Join Melissa and our furbaby Brina at their Give a Little website. Learn all about Brina’s condition and make a small donation to help – Thank you in advance!

On behalf of Melissa and Brina, thank you so much for reading this special page. We hope you can help with a donation or indeed enjoy an ear warmer or two as winter approaches. In the meantime check back here for updates on Brina, and thanks again!

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