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Martha’s Musings


I’m Martha. I’ve been popping up on the blog page for a while now, but now I have been allocated my own page. And it’s about time, I think.

Together, you are I can start a revolution…well, a quiet one that won’t stir up too much trouble. I’ve landed in a bit of that already, as you will read in my posts. But here is a place where you and I can rant, express ourselves, be honest, frank, with a dash of sarcasm and sass…but always in a kind way. Just so you know, I am entirely fictional, so if you see any resemblance to anyone else you may know or have read about …I’m not her.

I’m an ‘older-aged’ gal, and my mantra is to age outrageously and disgracefully. I call it as I see it, and sometimes I’m a bit blunt but I have good intentions 99.9% of the time.

But imagine it if I was real? I could have a blast! I’d probably appear regularly in news items…I seem to be a magnet for trouble. But instead, I will remain on this page, stay out of trouble…we’ll see about that...and have a ball on Martha’s Musings.

So won’t you join me? Are you in? I’ll see you soon then…with loads of helpful, fun, interesting hacks!!

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