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Blarney to Bastille: A Kiwi on Cobblestones

When a story with castles and cobbled roads left a huge impression on seven-year-old Fleur, right through her childhood, and for 40 adult years, she wanted to see them for herself. In her 60th year, she and her husband Kevin took that trip of a lifetime. Fleur saw more castles and cobbled roads than she could shake a stick at while experiencing life in Ireland, London and parts of Europe. She faced her fears and steep cultural learning curves. This is Fleur’s story of her O E (Overseas Experience) … 40 years late. Tag along with her on long flights, bus tours, river cruises, gondolas, time differences, spectacular scenery, incredible history and so much more. Laced with drama and intrepid moments, all with a dash of sarcastic humour and a lot of fun. Buckle up for her holiday of a lifetime.

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Local Time

The zesty staff and ‘locals’ at Carrisbrook are at it again!

Sophia is preoccupied with wedding plans and building extensions, when the lads go AWOL. The locals cook up a storm, and Dorothy and the girls become accessories to grand theft. Stuart, the newly-hired groundsman, has everyone fooled when he plays his deceptive card. Hank has the ideal wedding venue, but who are the dubious duo on the guest list?

Local Time brings new characters, new dramas, surprises and romance. With the keel anything but even on this last sail, get ready for more mayhem, chaos and fun on the good ship Carrisbrook.

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A Timely Dream

Felicity is a Senior Caregiver in an elite Rest Home. When she has her curiosity aroused by a poster placed the wrong way round in a window across the valley from her work place, she organises an investigation. Little does she know that what she finds will change time itself, both for the elderly residents in her care, and those she knows and loves. In a story that breaks down the boundaries of time, the future is threatened by jealousy and greed, the present is fuelled by passion and love while the past is eased by the healing powers of memories finally understood.

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No Time For Rules

Since the day a poster with time-travelling powers was spotted on a window by residents and staff at Carrisbrook Estate Rest Home, life has never been the same. With the PTM (Personal Time Machine) their travels are only limited by their imagination. Sophia is the zesty, new South American-born CEO/manager with a passion for Salsa dancing and all things spicy. Add to the mix Kwasi, a troubled but brutally handsome young West African from Liberia and some restless, blood-thirsty rebels from his past. To top things off, add the unexpected arrival of the feline kind who unearths a mystery long forgotten.

Intrigue, laugh-out-loud humour, drama, steamy sex and gentle romance…it’s all just another day at the office for the rule breaking, rebellious ‘locals’ at Carrisbrook Estate Rest Home.

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