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Blarney to Bastille: A Kiwi on Cobblestones

I have always had a passion for history, castles, and anything medieval, and I’ve wanted to travel and experience it all for myself as my homeland is young.
In my 60th year, my husband and I took that trip of a lifetime. I saw more castles and cobbled roads than I could shake a stick at, while experiencing life in Ireland, London, and parts of Europe. I faced my fears and steep cultural learning curves.
Tag along with me on long flights, bus tours, river cruises, gondolas, time differences, spectacular scenery, incredible history, and much more. Laced with drama, intrepid moments, sass, attitude, and loads of fun.
This is my story, a celebration of a 40-year dream becoming a reality, through the eyes of a traveller who didn’t ‘Google it’ first!

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This is the second installment of short stories and poetry from the authors previously of AuthorWorld Connect, now BookiWrote. The previous books are ‘A Collection of Short Stories’ and ‘The Poetry Collection’, both great books with masses of variety if you want other titles to enjoy.

This volume, ‘Book 2’, holds a combination of 36 more short stories and 7 more poems in one superb book! Written by fantastic people with fantastic stories and poems for your reading pleasure!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy their different worlds alongside them.

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Magical, profound, lyrical, thrilling, dramatic, mysterious: short stories and poetry are capable of almost anything. This stunning anthology of 35 short stories and 10 poems consists of some of the finest written pieces and ranges from the extraordinary to the unexpected, the traditional to the surreal. Wide in scope, both beautiful and vast, the internationally published authors, belonging to the Bookiwrote community, bring you the perfect companion for all lovers of quality literature everywhere.

Featuring an amazing selection of authors, including:

Colin Devonshire, Adam Grinter, Betty Mermelstein, Karin Freeland, Mason Bushell, Fleur Lind, Garry Owen, Charles Wiegand, Uday Mukerji, Debbie Whittam, Lucia Catherine, Tracey Fletcher, Thomas Greenbank.

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