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Blarney to Bastille: A Kiwi on Cobblestones

When a story with castles and cobbled roads left a huge impression on seven-year-old Fleur, right through her childhood, and for 40 adult years, she wanted to see them for herself. In her 60th year, she and her husband Kevin took that trip of a lifetime. Fleur saw more castles and cobbled roads than she could shake a stick at while experiencing life in Ireland, London, and parts of Europe. She faced her fears and steep cultural learning curves. This is Fleur’s story of her O E (Overseas Experience) … 40 years late. Tag along with her on long flights, bus tours, river cruises, gondolas, time differences, spectacular scenery, incredible history and so much more. Laced with drama and intrepid moments, all with a dash of sarcastic humour and a lot of fun. Buckle up for her holiday of a lifetime.

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