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~~~When a scrawly, handwritten recipe I’m following to the letter, says to cook for 40 minutes in a “mod oven”… will the recipe still work in my old Westinghouse oven I bought at the turn of this century?

Patchwork #24

I’m catching up!!

This is a bit late, but never an afterthought ! Here are the rest of my pick of the tree jumpers from Jumpers and Jazz in July festival.

This purple design is stunning! 💜
There is a lot going on with this one…
And on the other side…busy bees….a snake…very colourful!
Love this! Morning tea!
Flower power!
Here’s an international entry from the UK!!
Woooo love the blues!!
What a cool watering can with beads of water droplets!!

So that belatedly wraps up 10 days of colour, music, fun, food and good times. The visitors came and enjoyed. Warwick and the region turned it all on for first-timers or returning festival goers. There was something for everyone, and it only happens in Warwick..(as far as I know…)

And…back in the archives…We were told by the JJJ committee in 2014 that our tree jumper was the 1st international entry they had had! We made it and packed it in our luggage when we came over on holiday for the festival!

Marmite…Lemon & Paeroa (L & P) Edmunds Bak8ng Powder, Alison Holst…
Black and white for the All Blacks…
Tuatara, Kiwi, Weta, Buzzy Bee, Ka pai, Kia Ora, poi, paua….

Warwick has now returned to ‘normal’…the jumpers came down at the end of the last day of the festival. It’s now business as usual as we ride along through the remaining days of Winter. Spring is on the doorstep! There is a lot of talk about rain and flooding through Spring and Summer. We are forewarned, let’s hope that heads-up heaps us down the track if there is a deluge.

Until next time…thanks for reading!

Close Encounters

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Roger Bultot

Close Encounters

“This looks a good place, Commander.”

“It’s a long way from Wyoming, Zeva”

“Devil’s Tower has been crazy with tourists since we arrived with our light show in ‘78. Too risky, They can be aggressive.”

“Yes, good point. We don’t want trouble”

“Okay Roy, you’ll go down on a light beam to that street with writing on the tables.”

“It’s called tagging.” Roy rolled his eyes.

“Use and share all we have taught you for a better world.”

“Yep, I’ll do my best.”

“We’ll miss you, Roy. Now go find your family, you won’t need to sculpt your mashed potatoes anymore!”

Thanks for reading

Changing Times

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Roger Bultot

Changing Times

Ryan was excited. He had a surprise stop for Bianca, to see his old family home during their holiday. The icing on the cake would be lunch at his all-time favourite retro diner; 20 years ago when a student, the NoshPit had cheap tasty food.

But when they arrived at his old address, a modern monstrosity had replaced his house.  Ryan was deflated.

“Hey, wait till you see where we’re going for lunch!”

“Exciting! I’m famished!”

Ryan’s face fell seeing a derelict diner that was once legendary.

“Such a shame! Hang on to the memories, let’s go get Thai instead.”

Thanks for reading

My Tribute to Olivia

It has been quite a week, what with the shocking news of Olivia Newton-John passing, a week after Judith Durham. I was very familiar with Judith Durham and the music of The Seekers, but it wasn’t my preferred genre, so I know little of their vast number of hits. But I have always been a fan of Olivia Newton-John, and like millions of other fans, I know a few of her songs by heart.

I remember so well when the movie Grease opened in Wellington in 1978. Wow. I had not long moved out of home, living in a rental with another young woman, Hilary. We got on really well, we enjoyed the same food, and both had loads in common including being great fans of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. We had to see the movie.

So it was arranged that after work one night, we would have an easy quick dinner and get the bus to town which was a short trip as we lived in Mt Victoria. We must have missed the bus and had to wait for the next one as we were running from the bus stop to get to the Regent Theatre in Manners Street to get our tickets. We didn’t want to miss out!

Anyway. The movie was absolutely brilliant and we sang the songs on the bus all the way home. That was my introduction to Olivia Newton-John. She was so inspiring to watch on the big screen. The most beautiful voice, she seemed to sing effortlessly, and I carried that thought right through her career as we watched the movies and video clips she made. She was a beautiful lady. She also had an incredible sense of positivity, calm, and just really down-to-earth in her interviews. She was an activist, doing incredibly good work for people, wildlife, and our planet. She always had a demeanor as someone who would be happy to listen and chat if you were lucky enough to meet her.

The floor fell away from under my feet last Monday morning, 8th August, when we heard the news of her passing. I had no words. At first, I thought it was a prank as some people do the weirdest, most distateful things on social media to get attention, but no. This was real. It was on the 7am news. The rest of the day, and week were all about thoughts of Olivia. the media was flooded and rightfully so, of videos, interviews, memorabilia of Olivia.

Another legend, gone. Rest in Peace, Olivia Newton-John. She will be greatly missed.

Voices in Stone

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Sandra Crook

Voices in Stone

Maggie had stopped listening to the fascinating commentary by Jake. She had taken in every word the tour director said, she hadn’t missed any of it, but at this moment instead, she stared at the ruins of a castle.  

“It’s known to have ghosts…” Jake concluded, but Maggie didn’t hear.

 Her tour would include the ruins of this castle once occupied by her clan; her third great grandfather, his three wives, and many children. He disappeared without a trace.

As she wandered the ruins, she felt a presence. A ghostly whisper called her, “Stay away, you’ll be next.”

Thanks for reading

Brownie Points

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Sandra Crook

Brownie Points

“Ohh mate, it’s a pretty big job…”

I know, but here’s my plan.  While Sheryl’s away with her mum travelling in Europe, I have to fix the greenhouse.” Sam rubbed his forehead.

“She’ll be so surprised! You’ll earn a lifetime of brownie points. Going to get some blokes in?”

“Nah, doing it myself, I finished that retainer wall a while back, so I can do this.”

“How’re Cheryl and Jill doing?”

“They’re loving it! Both crazy about castles.”

“Hey, Jonesy!” Matt called across the yard.


“You up for a job Saturday?”

“You’re joking, knock it down!”

“Aussies!  No surprises there!”

The preschoolers in this iconic, award-winning Kiwi advert from 2009 have grown up, and in the story, they are married men now. This video clip will hopefully explain my story, using last week’s prompt of the dilapidated greenhouse as the doer-upper in the story.

The Dilapidated glasshouse; a photo prompt copyright Bill Reynolds

Thanks for reading and watching


Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Bill Reynolds


A large ‘Where’s Delilah?’ poster was stuck on the bus stop shelter, another on a shop window, both faded.  Jimmy and Lisa never gave up hope of finding their daughter. Snatched in a busy crowd when she was three, they believed Delilah was still alive. Somewhere.

Meanwhile, on a dilapidated orchard 800 kilometres away…

“Lily, pass me those pink roses, love?”

“Okay. Are we still going to Sally’s for my birthday?”

“You bet! It’s your 13th!”

“Cool! I love you, Aunty Pam.”

“I love you too, hun. Your mum and dad in heaven will be so proud of you.”

Thanks for reading

In the 1st week of August each year, Australia has National Missing Persons Week. This story was inspired by a cold case that was aired on TV promoting this week of awareness.

Patchwork #23

This patchwork has a myriad of colours and textures including music, food, fascinating craft work and a positive, creative community.

Jumpers and Jazz in July

This weekend has been a culmination of the quirkiest 10 days that Queensland can offer.

It’s all been done, better and better than last year. Yesterday the main street was taken over by oodles of suitcases showing off all sorts of treasures. From felted hats to stitchcraft, patchwork, treasures from yesteryear, treasures recently handcrafted, clothes, pottery, scarves, to woodwork to old books, bags, slippers, socks, the zaniest winter beanies you’ve ever seen, and so so much more.

The main street filled with bulging suitcases for the world -famous in Warwick, Suitcase Rummage.
Wooden slab work, chopping boards, spoons 3 ft long!
Cover coat hangers, cushion covers, quilting, bags and placemats…
The crowd beginning to build…the rummage having not long started…
Crocheted cacti, sunflowers, pretty pots and potted plants that are indestructible! No watering required!
A welcome sign as you walk along the middle of the street, the road lined either side with suitcases bulging with beautiful things…
This colourful character next to me is a regular at JJJ. I didn’t catch her name but she is English born with a lovely accent and her outfit is a team effort. It’s fabulous!
Meet Bob the Bellman of Renoun. Bob is our very own local Town Crier, he is the current World Champion Caller, he was a London Bobby back in the day, and now retired, he calls the Southern Downs, home. He’s a delightful fellow, he appears in all his official regalia on special occasions such as JJJ. He’s always ready with interesting stories about Warwick including the bullet hole in the wall of the Criterion Pub, as well as witty and quirky ditties and poems of days gone by. (Google him, he has video clips of some of his performances in Warwick 🙂🔔)
Gazebos were dotted about the town to shade various bands; each with a different groove. They blended in like a perfectly balanced tapestry.
Another band and swing dancers outside the Town Hall
Toe tapping, head bobbing, shoulder swaying, costumes swishing….everyone was jiggling to the Jazz!
More suitcases in the rummage….
You’ll always see colourful outfits and accessories at JJJ! It’s the norm!
This band had a boogie woogie bugle groove. Nicely done in WWII costume, great sounds!
Check out these awesome boots!! Covered in crocheted flowers!
Love the design and the detail!
All that browsing works up an appetite! We were off to the Long Table Lunch in the park!
The food map 😋🍾🥂🥑🍅🌮
The lunch consisted of a few courses; a soup, a stew, a wrap and slider filled with flavours that made my tastebuds bliss out, then the dessert…absolutely divine. All ingredients locally sourced. 💯 banging!

There’s more from this weekend…but I’ll leave this blog here. Like a good wine, the events from this weekend shouldn’t be rushed! I’ll be back!

Thanks for reading

Patchwork #22

So Jumper and Jazz is in full swing. July is a colourful time of year, really brightening up the winter mood.

Yesterday was all about cars, jumpers, and dancing in the street!

The CBD was packed with visitors and locals checking out the huge display of cars spanning back through the years from the Model T. From crank handles to plush interiors fitting six across the back…

And lining the street, many quirky colourful and fabulous, tree jumpers!!

This is a busy one…

So much detail…each telling its own story, the hidden secrets waiting to be discovered by the observant…

Very classy!
So flamboyant!

Every year bring a new scene, new designs, so much clever originality.

Love the colours with this one!

They need to be walked around and studied from the ground up, or you miss the detail.

What’s this??? Wal Footrot is in town??? He is an iconic Kiwi character! If he’s at Jumpers and jazz, we are very honoured indeed!

(So long as the Aussies aren’t trying to steal him…like the pavlova, Split Enz and Crowded House…)
So cute!

There are more trees to come, this is just my pick from one block.

And the band plays on…this great group from Brisbane performed in front of the Post Office 🙂 🎼💃🕺🎶🎻🎸🥁🎵🎊

Thanks for reading…I’ll be back with more JJJ 2022…

Patchwork #21

This patchwork includes loads of colour, quirky originality, and a special kind of magic that warms up Warwick and the Southern Downs for 10 days with Jumpers and Jazz in July festival.

A yarnbombed tractor

We started with the famous, Freestone country Brekky & Yarn Spectacular.

Outside the Freestone Hall, the yarnbombing was brilliant!

A dunny with a difference
Yarnbombing, Freestone style

Then we went back to town (Warwick) to suss out the action…

These beauties are always in season!
Art@St Marks…this was my pick, but so many beautiful pieces.
A nice light lunch at St Marks Church. Delicious!
St Mark’s Church has yarnbombed flowers cascading down the side. Looks awesome!
One of the many tree jumpers in the main street.

There’s a lot more to this time of year than yarnbombing, and I’ll add more photos during the festival. It’s all about music, dancing in the streets, popup shops, weaving, felting, clothing, local and visiting artisans, delicious local eats and treats, classic cars, steam train, markets, suitcase rummage…..and more.

I’ll be back with more scoops from JJJ

Thanks for reading…

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