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Busy Birdy Books

The perfect way to entertain that adorable birdy in your life.

What are Busy Birdy books?
It all started with Lucy, my son’s green cheek conure. She’s the one on my cotton reels, above. Lucy loves to get up to mischief/destroy stuff, and I had the idea she was a little bored when she started plucking tassels, buttons, hair ties, and shoe laces. She also loves a good snoop in pockets. Anything her little beak and talons could get hold of, really. That’s when the idea of an activity book to keep her busy, started to blossom. It is designed in a ‘crazy patchwork’ style, with a variety of fun pages to keep your feathered bestie happy and busy.

Each Busy Birdy Book is A4 sized and filled with four pages of entertainment for your bird. Ribbons and laces to pull, buttons to play with, pockets for treats. And each book is personalised with your feathered baby’s name. So much fun for her and a way to stop your avian friend from destroying your clothes!

Lucy has personally given her Busy Birdy Book a thorough quality control test, and my son has also given it the tick of approval for health and safety.

**Disclaimer** This quirky, colourful, handmade activity book is intended for your bird’s social/out-of-cage time, under full supervision.

Why not order yours below, today!

Each Birdy book comes personalised with your bird’s name.

Cost: $15 each.

Postage anywhere in Australia from $10 (tracked)

Postage to New Zealand from $12

Start your order by completing and sending me the form below.

Lastly, click the link below to send your Paypal payment and your Birdy Book will be winging its way to you soon.

Thank you so much for your interest in my Busy Birdy Books for your Conure, or other species of parrot. I hope you love yours as much as I enjoy making it!

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