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Martha’s Musings #5


It was a bit of a circus before I got on the plane…I got bomb-frisked after the door frame scanner I walked through, beeped like mad, indicating I had something on my person of a metallic nature. Nope. I raised my hands up, rolling my eyes innocently. That didn’t work, so out came the hand-held scanner and it was whisked over me.

Finally, she and I decided it was my wire headband. I assured her a gal of my age doesn’t do underwire bras, least of all while traveling, so it had to be the headband.

My luggage went through the scanner, but my drink bottle was still a third full so I was told to ‘scull it’ or chuck it. I chose to scull. I then reluctantly handed the empty bottle back to the woman in uniform, expecting her to put it back in my handbag. She didn’t. I didn’t notice until I was well through that process and in my allocated seat.

So without my purpose-purchased bottle with the perfect sipper (say that after a couple of wines) on hand, I immediately started feeling thirsty.

The in-flight food was a micro-meal but very tasty, and I got a complimentary tumbler of Sav. Very nice.

Now here is where instead of waiting for a cup of tea…my new issue was being left holding a tumbler of warm wine. It was chilled, but I took too long drinking the 2nd glass, so it warmed up. I thought it was an unusual thing to be bothered about, but I also didn’t want to scull that as I had with the water.

Eventually, an attendant took my tumbler as we were descending. They should have been seated and belted up but my incessant pressing on the call button might have been a bit hard to ignore.

I ticked all the boxes on the form to say I was not bringing in anything illegal, combustible, edible, or a weapon. It didn’t ask anything about toolboxes, so I figured my cute toolbox with the pink trim was okay.

It was a connecting flight and it was a mad rush to get from the international to the regional terminal to get to my flight to the Capital. A bit more of a circus, but the ground staff were very good.

After we landed, my bag was nowhere to be seen where I was waiting at baggage claim. Turns out it was on a conveyer belt somewhere else. Thinking I’d be wearing the same clothes for two weeks, I asked two airport staff where it was, and my bag was found. I pulled my bag with squeaky wheels, to my next flight.

The 2nd flight was smooth and not too cramped. I’ve arrived, and I’m having a ball. Plenty to see and do. I’ll be back with an update, so stay tuned!

Martha thanks you for reading, she’s not a seasoned traveller and is at times, a less- than-cooperative passenger. She’s just lucky the cabin crew or pilot didn’t press the eject button! Stop by soon, she’ll fill you in on her adventures. 😎


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