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Patchwork #2

Here’s another short snapshot of daily happenings.


I was in Adelaide recently for a short break with my other half, Mr L. We are familiar with the city and the hotspots – (as in favourite places to go…nothing to do with Covid, although we keep that in mind as well) – we made sure our time was well spent. It was a different holiday from previous trips, as we focused our schedule around the Ashes Cricket. We caught a bus or a tram in the morning and headed for a beach or the city or the Adelaide Hills, then Mr L would head off to the Ashes, and I would eventually go back to our Air B &B, after my fill of the city or suburban hustle and bustle. It is said that we should all try new things…so here were my three new things…

#1. A Sushi Train; I’ve never done one before. I’ve always bought sushi rolls from a cabinet, not having to decide on something as it steadily moves past me.

#2. TV binging; Our host was hooked on Bridgerton, I had only seen the 1st episode. So I progressively watched all 7 other episodes of Season 1 over the 7 days we were there. I never do that. I never sit and watch so much TV, two episodes at a time! I’ve usually got my head in a book or I’m writing. So, it was fabulous!

#3. Eating a TV dinner. Seriously, I always cook homemade. But as we weren’t cooking while we were away, I chose from the chiller at the supermarket. And it was a special deal, too! 2 for $12! It was a real novelty buying two mini-meals and having them for dinner over two nights.


We were on our flight back from Adelaide, it was a smooth trip and I was reading a novel on my Kindle. We had a snack from the in-flight menu, I had a cup of tea, so all was okay with my world at 33,000 feet. I could feel the changes in altitude, bit by bit as we flew north. When we were about half an hour from landing in Brisbane, I was unaware two guys from the cabin crew making their way from each end of the cabin to check safety protocol. I was too engrossed in my reading to notice I was being watched. I looked up to my left and there they were, staring at me. “What?” I was confused, and my read was getting gritty. “Have I done something wrong?”

Both the men smiled. “No not at all, please put your bag under the seat in front of you.”

“And it takes both of you to tell me that? I must be in trouble for something.” I raised an eyebrow.

No, not at all. Carry on, relax! You’re doing everything right!” Their voices were like velvet. I rolled my eyes. I reciprocated with a smile and thanked them. They were nice guys. A good read, a cup of tea, and a charming cabin crew telling me to relax. The only thing missing was an in-flight massage! There is definitely marketing potential for that I think. Imagine it…slipping off to the back of the plane and getting a neck or back massage while they heat your croissant and brew your coffee. Sounds like a plan to me. I can see that taking off!


It was all about timing. I was lifting up the lid of a top-end loader automatic washing machine when there was a horrendous noise. I quickly put the top down, cringing as I anticipated more noise.

What did I do? I lifted the lid again very slowly…there was the noise again!

What the ****??” I was staring at the machine, my brows raised. I quickly put the top down again. I wasn’t getting far with the washing. So on the 3rd attempt…it happened again, the noise was really loud!

But wait…the noise was coming from next door! I remembered a flooring company van parked outside, they were on a job on the other side of the wall, next door. The horrible noise happened to coincide with me lifting the top.

You’re reading this and going…”So?” Well, I guess you had to be there. It was just one of life’s many WTF moments. If it had been videoed, it would’ve been funny to watch. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it lol


As I write, we’re coming to the end of Christmas Day in Australia. We’ve had a lovely quiet day of family time, food, drink, and presents. The rain set in right in the middle of dessert out on the verandah, and as the deluge sliced in at a sharp angle and drenched the decking, it was best to get back inside, taking the trifle, cheesecake, and fruit salad with us. So that’s it for another year, Christmas is nearly over.

I wish you a safe, happy healthy holiday season, and a positive, enjoyable 2022. Let’s hope it is good for us all. As much as it disrupts lives, we will all have to learn to live with Covid, it is everywhere. Be kind, stay safe, and be well.

Thanks for reading


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