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Patchwork #13

This patchwork is done in watercolours…

FOWC with Fandango  — Trivial

So we had another flood on Monday, 4th April. The weather had been beautifully sunny the day before; quite warm for early Autumn..about 28 °C, we had been to Toowoomba. No one, not even the weather office, predicted the rain on Sunday night. It started as a light drizzle at 7pm and grew heavier as the night went on.

I went for a drive around the neighbourhood on Monday after work, venturing along streets that were accessible. We had 70 roads closed due to flooding.

After heavy rain from 7pm until about 5am…the ground was already waterlogged from earlier heavy rain for 3 days…

Yet just two days later, bridges are clear to drive across, and the water is receding already. This kind of weather event never fails to amaze me. The rain arrives heavily, pounding on the roof through the night. The Condamine River spills the next day. There is nothing trivial about the sight.

Another 6mtre flood has been and gone. There’s seldom a dull moment here for weather events.

The locals take all the rain and flooding in their stride. It’s part of this country. We’re either in drought, or we’re in flood. I’m still a newbie. Nearly 7 years living here in SE Queensland is like a blink in time.

And now…how are my green babes going…

The 12 little beauties are holding strong, meanwhile, there are white flowers to the right and purple to the left.

I’ll take a photo in the sun, to show them off in all their glory! It’s a good feeling to have all three plants doing so well. I’ve broken the cycle of killing these extremely fussy plants.

Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Patchwork #13

  1. Yes, it sure does, Mason. But the locals here just seem to shrug it off and carry on. The doggy cafe was really cute. I’m going to write a short story about it when I get time!


  2. It was! Yet, 2 days later, normality was returning. So much water after just one night of rain. Incredible! The river is still swollen, but all roads are open now. Another day on the ‘Downs. (Southern Downs, SE Qld) 🙂


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