Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Bill Reynolds


A large ‘Where’s Delilah?’ poster was stuck on the bus stop shelter, another on a shop window, both faded.  Jimmy and Lisa never gave up hope of finding their daughter. Snatched in a busy crowd when she was three, they believed Delilah was still alive. Somewhere.

Meanwhile, on a dilapidated orchard 800 kilometres away…

“Lily, pass me those pink roses, love?”

“Okay. Are we still going to Sally’s for my birthday?”

“You bet! It’s your 13th!”

“Cool! I love you, Aunty Pam.”

“I love you too, hun. Your mum and dad in heaven will be so proud of you.”

Thanks for reading

In the 1st week of August each year, Australia has National Missing Persons Week. This story was inspired by a cold case that was aired on TV promoting this week of awareness.

16 thoughts on “Missing

    1. Thank Mason, it was going to be about a runaway that was hiding out, but it went this way instead. There was an article on TV last week highlighting Missing Person’s week. , I think that might gave had some input too.

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  1. Oh my God… my heart! This is so… Lordy, I’ve no words. I keep thinking of the book “Deep End of the Ocean” by Jaquelyn Mitchard… that book just about killed me!

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    1. Initially I had thought of a runaway, but somehow this idea with psycho Aunty Pam took hold. I know exactly 💯 what you mean when a book has that effect on you. Misery did the same to me. Thank you Dale, I’m glad my story stirred up tension and emotion as thrillers aren’t my usual genre.

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