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The Hole

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  ©  Roger Bultot

The Hole

Jess had read about them, seen them in movies, but didn’t believe they were real.  She stood dazed, looking about. Ten seconds ago she was walking dreamily among lavender fields in Tasmania. She had come crashing out of her relaxed stupor into a busy grey street in a city of highrises, cars, cabs, and people. She had felt her ears pop and here she was.  A hole in space. 

How was she going to get back?  Her feet were cold. Where were her shoes?  Looking up to the sky for answers, she saw hers among others, hanging from a pole…

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20 thoughts on “The Hole

  1. It looks like she wasn’t the first one to fall through and probably won’t be the last. As long as she’s in the right time, she should be able to get home. Fun story.


  2. You’ve given Culture Shock a new definition. Imagine if somebody could figure out how that works. Vacations would be more enjoyable and less exhausting. “I’m going back through the hole. I forgot sunscreen.” “Will you bring me an extra pair of shoes?”

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    1. Thank you, Nobbinmaug, I absolutely agree and LOVE that concept! I would love to have a play with that in a short story sometime. I watch Le Brea, but it’s very Hollywood-ised. They fall through a massive sinkhole, they’ve been there a couple of weeks now at least…but they are all clean, not grubby, the men are clean-shaven, what are they eating, they haven’t supposedly had a shower at all, that aspect lets it down. But sinkholes, black holes, what a great place to play with ideas for a story!

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    1. Thanks, Tannille, I sometimes have fanciful ideas about holes in space, walking along and suddenly being somewhere else. And the lavender fields in Tasmania are beautiful, just the those in the Scenic Rim, an hrs drive from us. A harsh contrast to a busy city street.


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